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  1. 1. I really really love pigalle 70mm (do they have 85mm??? that would be lovely) in nude or electric blue. But I guess the problem is I don't know where to get them! And how much are these? I probably wouldn't pursue them if they are $800 or something.

    Any information (store, web, etc.) would be appreciated. I know I can call the store and stuff but I like to do my homework before I call so I can ask detailed questions. :P

    Thank you wonderful ladies in advance!
  2. Check with the Asian markets -- On Pedder in Singapore/Shanghai/HK/etc. and HK CL boutique. Pigalle 70 in nude patent & electric blue patent are not available in the US (none of the stores I know of have ordered those). Have only seen them in Asia so far.
  3. ^^Oh wow. Thanks foxycleopatra.

    So the journey begins...
    Anyone got them from Hong Kong? How much was it in HK$? Bf is from HK so he can ask his mom to go check them out if it comes to that... Though I would rather get them privately, lol.
  4. What's current USD retail for 120mm? $650?
  5. ^ last time I bought a pair it was for $525 - 550 I cant remember exactly.
  6. i bought a black patent pair last week for $580, and a pair last month with paillettes for $950.
  7. Bogeybear would that be there pair you bought for Mrs. Bogeybear???
    I know that is not your screen name but you are so sweet and that it's just what I wanted to call you! Better to ask for forgiveness than permission sometimes!!
  8. hello. the pigalle 70 in nude patent is available in on pedder in Hong Kong. i saw it last week. it retails around HK$4xxx, not above $5k.
    good luck :tup:
  9. A couple of other tpfers and I bought the nude pigalle 70 in nude patent at On Pedder Singapore a couple of wks ago. Sorry, I can't remember how much I paid for them :sad:

    Good luck!
  10. Pigalles usually run about $600 or less. A regular bargain for CLs! I would call around to the CL boutiques and see what they have in terms of heights.