Pigalle vs Follies vs Plato

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  1. #1 Jul 23, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2016
    Hi! So I'm interested in getting my first pair of Loubs. I am wanting a pair of black patent Pigalles, but I'm not sure which exact style I want. I believe my choices that are available to me online are Pigalle 100 mm, Follies 100 mm, Plato 100 mm, Pigalle 120 mm, or Plato 120 mm.

    I would love to hear which style you prefer, the original, Follies, or Plato! Mainly keeping comfort level in mind, but also thinking about the overall look (toe box and toe cleavage, the stiletto itself, etc.) I know that the Follies have a tapered stiletto, which might make them slightly less comfortable, but it has a padded footbed. How much of a difference does the padded footbed make? Do Follies show more toe cleavage when compared to the original? Also for the Plato, I'm sure the platform makes them a bit more comfortable, but the shoes are sexier without the platform. Honestly, I don't really think I want the Plato, due to the overall look of the shoe in comparison to pairs without the platform, but I would like to hear how much of a difference the platform makes. My mind is just a little confused on which style to lean towards.

    Also, I'm unsure about which heel height I would like to get, either 100 mm or 120 mm. I know I would be fine in 100 mm, I'm just not sure if 120 mm would be pushing it for me. The 120 mm is just so sexy looking though! I would greatly appreciate your opinions about heel heights and their comfort level.

    Lastly, I know that leather stretches. Does the patent leather stretch too? I definitely need to try the Pigalles on, but do you have any sizing advice? If it helps and if I remember correctly, I wear a 36 in Rockstud pumps.

    TIA ladies!
  2. If it's helpful, I'm a 35.5 in Rockstud but 36 in Pigalle or Pigalle Follies!
  3. Thank you!
    Do you think one style is more comfortable than the other? Do Follies show more toe cleavage?
  4. Are you located somewhere where you could try both styles on? Some people find one style more comfortable than the other. Between the Follies and So Kates, I personally am leaning towards getting So Kates though I haven't been able to try them on yet. The Follies fit well but are a teeny bit tight in the toebox. However, the So Kates have the lower sides which I am wary of.

    But just like you, I dont like the look of the Platos as much!
  5. Out of the styles you mentioned, in order of preference, I prefer the original Pigalle 100/120, followed by PF and PP respectively. If you're concerned about comfort, I would lean towards the Pigalle 100 and Pigalle Follies 100. Between the two, the Pigalle 100 has a better fit and feel for my feet. I would always chose the original Pigalle over the PF any day. In terms of the 120 heel height, though you aren't keen on the Pigalle Plato, I would say they are more comfortable than the P120 because the platform lowers the pitch, and therefore, less pressure on the balls of your feet. You can always start out with the Pigalle of PF 100 in one color, then work your way up to the Pigalle 120 or So Kate in another color.

    Yes, patent leather does stretch too.

    As far as sizing, I'm a 37 in Rockstuds and Pigalle 100. If you can get to a retailer who has all the styles available for you to try on, you should. You'll see what best works for you.
  6. Wow! Thank you so much for your opinions! I will definitely keep all of that in mind.
  7. I have pigalle 100 and pigalle Plato 120 and pigalle follies 100. My fav is pigalle 100. Most comfortable out of the three. Look-wise I really like the follies - they are slightly higher than pigalle 100. I take all three in the same size.
  8. Okay. I'm thinking that I leaning toward Pigalle 100! Thanks for your input!
  9. Hi there, sorry to butt in this conversation with a random question, but have you ever tried on the Pigalle Plato 100? I bought the plato 100 in a full size down from my normal size in valentino (39) and now I am confused whether pigalle plato 120 would be a full size down for me also and I want to purchase them online so cannot try them on again.
    Since plato 120 has a higher arch than plato 100 then it should be okay if I get the same size right? If you could give me your take on that it'd be great :smile: Thanks a lot!
  10. Are your pigalle 100 and plato 120 the same size and fit? Also do you have any rockstuds for size reference? I am currently trying to get the plato 120 online after purchasing plato 100 but don't know if I should get the same size! Thanks!!

  11. Yes my pigalle 100 and plato 120 are the same size.

    I have the rockstuds in flats and 100 heel. I take them half size larger than the pigalles.

    If you have Blahnik, I take the same size between Blahnik Hangisi (and bb) and pigalles.

    I don't have Plato 100 though.
  12. Thanks for replying! I'm normally 39 in rockstuds 100mm but I was 38 plato100 which is weird because Pigalle100 in 39 fit fine I just forgot to try on more sizes now I'm in pain trying to figure out what size to buy for plato120 argh!

    Love your profile picture btw hehe he's so perfect (visually) :heart:
  13. I'm not a fan of platforms (Plato). The Pigalle heel is sexier because it protrudes from the bottom of your heel instead of from the back like the So Kates and the Follies.