Pigalle still around??????? Sizing help????

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  1. I am looking for Pigalle in 70mm or 100mm in a COLOR (purple, magenta, or blue). If anyone knows where I can find a pair please pm me. I usually where a 38.5 in louboutin, how do pigalles run??? THANKS!
  2. 70mm and 100mm pigalles run about 1/2 a size small. I haven't seen any recently but I do recall seeing them in a variety of colors during the last BG sale - I remember purple, red, blue, leopard pony, leopard patent etc. but I think that they are all sold out at this point.
    I recall that a few of our UK and Asian members picked up 70mm pigalles recently so perhaps check with stores abroad.

  3. Thank you Kamilla--- I am on the HUNT!