Pigalle Plato 130mm??

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  1. Hi all, I just purchased these Pigalle Plato on eBay and it's been authenticated by one of the experts on this forum (thanks, nillacobain). When I saw the listing I thought they were 120 but after I received them, they looked higher so I measure the heel and it was 130mm, am I measuring this right? I just wanted to know if they were actually 120 or 140, could anyone help? Thanks in advance!

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  2. Can you let us know the size?
    For smaller sizes the heel height is usually shorter than the stated one, i. e. a 120 style will measure less than 120mm. For larger sizes it's the other way round, i. e. a 120 style will measure more than 120mm.

  3. I see what you mean, the size is 37, so maybe a smaller 140mm??
  4. ^Agree with kjbags. Heels are customized to foot size. Yours is likely the 140 height. Many heels measure less than they're described these days.

    And also heel height is measured perpendicular to the floor, not against the heel, like this:

  5. Thanks, I think it would be 140 too, these will actually be my highest heels!!
  6. How are the comfort for those pigalle 120? I am a size 7 and have been wanting a pair of pigalle for ages.
  7. Since these are actually the highest shoes I have, I found them not the easiest to walk in at the moment, the highest shoes I have before that was the same height but got a higher platform. I have been practising walking around with them inside my house since I have got them and it has gotten easier, but I only planning on wearing them if I don't have to stand and walk around a lot like going out for dinner, etc...hope that helps :smile: