Pigalle or pigalle finzi?

  1. I prefer the classic pigalle. It has such nice lines I think the "lattice" on the toe box of the finzy is too much for me.

  2. If you want a very classic and versatile shoe I would go with the regular pigalle. I really like the finzi too but they are less versatile imho and I think they don't come in 85.
  3. Generally speaking, the classic pigalle looks like a more versatile shoe. The Finzi would be appropriate only if you can picture yourself wearing that very often--to office, w/ jeans, w/ dress, etc.
  4. I prefer the pigalle too!
  5. I think you should get the black patent Pigalle 85. My friend has it and I think it is a great work shoe that can double for nights out.
  6. I love the Finzi..stalking a pair on eBay right now where the seller isn't charging $500+ for a shoe they got for $270 at NM Last Call (*grumble*).

    I agree with what people say though...the regular Pigalle is going to be a long running classic while the Finzi isn't. The Finzi is a 100mm heel also.
  7. I have the Finzi and love it, but I do agree with everyone that the classic Pigalle is more versatile.
    If you can I would say get both lol
  8. i think the finzi is gorgeous but yes the plain is more versatile
  9. I'd say get the classic Pigalle, they are more versatile. I tried on the Finzi in NM and liked them OK, but still didn't like them enough to get them, and they were like $250 or something on the sales rack...
  10. I got mine Barneys sale for around 375. Not bad, but your $250 sounds better.
    Im avoiding mine for a little while...last time I wore them my feet hurt for a week!!! I wore them all weekend to an event...it was probably all the dancing lol
  11. I kind of wish I had got them now that I'm thinking about them! Even though I wasn't in love with them. I was having a "good" day, had just bought a pair of Manolos the day before...yours look great in the outfit thread. Oh crap, I think I'm having reverse buyers remorse...
  12. lol I hate that feeling!!!!