Pigalle or Clichy?

  1. which style is more comfortable? And do they come in less than 4" heels? I've been dying to get the Pigalle but I can never find them in my size the last pair I tried pinched my feet. How does CL sizing work exactly? Do they have varying widths or are they all the same? thanks!
  2. I think CL's only come in a B width - at least that's all I've ever seen. They do run narrow, so most people need to size up. There's a sizing thread in the CL subforum that you may find helpful.

    Pigalle comes in a couple of heel heights, and the sizing varies on each. There are definitely some that are less than 4" - I have a pair.
  3. are they comfortable? ie can you walk around in them? wearable for a whole day?
  4. You know what? I think mine are a half size too small, so no, they're not terribly comfortable. I think they could be, and I think they should be, but they're not quite as comfortable as I'd hoped. In my opinion, CL is not the top choice for comfortable shoes. I'm much better off in a pair of Manolos or Jimmy Choos. My Pigalles are also patent, which is not nearly as forgiving. They're ok, but not great. I can wear them to the office all day, or I can wear them to dinner, but my feet hurt when I get home.