Pigalle Lower 70 heel pls help

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  1. Hi All,
    Its a new year I'm back on the prowl for a pair of Loubs I can wear to work i got the Insektikas but had to release them back onto ebay as i literally couldn't walk 5 steps in them, way to high for me.
    I am a size 38 in most Loubs with some heel slippage going on but could i make a pair of Pigalle 70 patents work in a 37.5 ???
    I have a slim foot with apparantly skinny heels:roflmfao:
    Its recession big time i can't even afford them but the deal is Oh So good to miss and not on ebay for a change.
  2. Rog, i think they would definitely be tight in the toebox... i think the lower heeled pigalle is a TTS shoe... i got one 1/2 size down cuz i loved the python skin, but man does the toebox hurt! i am still in the midst of breaking it in!
  3. I'm TTS in my Pigalle 70's, which is a 37, but I take 37 in most CL's. Sorry that's not much help. If your TTS is a 37.5 then maybe it would work, but I wouldn't go down at all since they're still a little snug in the toe box area.
    Also check out the sizing guide in the Reference Library sub-forum. Maybe other ladies have asked the question, and you'd get more info. Good luck!
  4. Thanks guys yeah i thought it might be a bit of a squeeze alright :crybaby:So i'll toddle on over the the bargain thread and post the link for them there if anyone is a 37.5 in pigalles i think its a great offer 206 sterling so gutted now:sad:
    Back to the drawing board
  5. I actually had to go half size up in my pigalle 70, but it is patent. If you are a 38 with some heel slippage I would say you would probably need a 38 in a pigalle 70.
  6. Definitely would be tight if you sized down. I stayed my true US size and it pinched for the first couple of wears. Good luck on your search!
  7. I have the leopard patent pigalle 70 and found that by purchasing TTS (39) for me, they fit ok. I tried the 100 in same size (39) in black kid and they were too big and I fell out of them. I think it depends on the type of leather too, not just whether they run small or TTS. Good luck!
  8. ^I have the same shoes archy shoe sister! I went .5 up on my 70 and I had to put heel grips in them but since they are low heels I wear them when I'll be walking around, but not too much and they are perfect. My 100mm and my 120s are tts but the 120 should be .5 size down, but again with heel grips, they're not too bad.
  9. Yeah, another shoe twin!!! Cool socalboo!:smile:
  10. Yay archy! You know, I haven't worn mine in forever. I'm thinking I'll have to get them out maybe tomorrow...I miss them!