Pigalle Follies

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  1. Helenoftroy45-

    No slippage for me. I wore them out last night with a short black dress and again got so many compliments. They are breaking in really well... I'm starting to think they are more comfortable then the pigalle 100s 👍

    For those of you curious on the pink color here is a pic of the boxes for the glitter and pink ImageUploadedByPurseForum1402759162.531644.jpg
  2. You're right! When I saw your picture of the pink ones, I thought they were so kates (I was groggy and had forgotten what thread I was in). They are indeed very pretty and have a slimmer line to them in your picture than what it seems in the stock photos. Very nice!
  3. Thank you. The only thing that's off about them is because of the pitch the toe cleavage comes down a little boxy if that makes sense. I thought it was going to be round, but you can see it from the side.
  4. Dear Reese

    Do you find them comfier than old cut P120, So Kate or new cut P120s?
    Are they dainty looking in real life? I only have seen the 100s so far IRL.
  5. Do you not mind explaining further that the toe-box is a bit boxy? You mean along the toe cleavage is straight instead of round? I tried the 100s on the toe-box looked like these pics.

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  6. Can I ask what you are wearing on your pinky toe?....I need those for myself!!!....thanks....
  7. Hahaha! Embarrassing!!! Corns developed on top of the knuckles of both my pinky toes and I had them lazered off 2 years back because nothing was getting rid of them. The new skin is really weak so I wear these to protect the skin. It is just a Band-Aid called Tough Guard which is made out of cloth instead of that plastic Band-Aid. They do adhere more to the skin and protects my toes.

    Although it killed me not to wear CLs for a while, I stuck to wearing Cole Haan balerina shoes and Jimmy for a while where the patent is softer and now I can wear CLs without them anymore. I might still use them from time to time though. Look for the one that is made out of fabric.
  8. I got to get those.....same problem....corns on the pinky toes....especially with Loubs....not so much when wearing Manolo, Choo and Rossi's.......thank you, thank you, thank you.....

    I have tried the silicone toe wraps and have had pretty good relief with those, but I think they sometimes move out of place, leaving the pressure point uncovered and find I have to adjust from time to time....will try your solution....
  9. I tried the silicone version too but as you say, they move around not covering where it matters.
    To make things worse, when they move around they sometimes adhere to the shoes itself and prying my feet out of my shoes is super painful. These are the best. The plastic version is hopeless coz they dont stay in place either and not enough cushion. After trying so many these are the best. If you cant find any give me a holler.
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    Exactly. Do you find that the sides are cut a little sharp, and then round out where the toe cleavage is if that makes sense? I don't know if I'm overanalyzing them, but they are just cut funny to me....then again, I don't own the new Pigalles so this could be new to me. As far as comfort, I have really high arches in my feet plus 11 years en pointe, so I'm going with the Pigalle120(old) over So Kate, and these are about as comfortable as the So Kates(the heel is what makes it a little painful). IRL, they are dainty, but the color contributes to it a lot.

    P.s notice on your second picture, on your left foot, left side how its cut really sharp, stops, then curves in. I thought from the pictures it was going to curve in almost like an almond toe(like second picture, same foot, right side).
  11. Did you take you SK size for the Follies 120?

  12. yes. I take the same size on them as SK's and old Pigalle's.
  13. The US CL online site just listed the Glitter Siren & Pink Pigalle Follies 120's.
    I'm trying to be good and resist the urge...
  14. Same here....I have to resist...my poor checking account......I can't do it, but want to sooooo baddddd..
  15. I hear you ladies, it's the same here.