Pigalle 85 & 100 Patent Leather

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  1. hi all,
    hoping you guys can help. i've gone through many many many pages of many many threads but thought i should just ask the question.
    located in toronto, canada. unfortunately there aren't too many places to get CL's and the places that do are all out of stock.

    i'm looking at buying the gf a pair of nude patent leather pigalle in either the 85mm or 100mm heel.

    the problem is, i don't know what size to get her and it's a surprise so i can't bring her to try them on and she does not have any previous CL's so comparing is not an option.

    i had a look at her heels in the closet and the vary between 6, 6.5 and 7.

    i was thinking a 6.5 would be a safe bet but have read many things from sizing down due to stretching, TTS, size up, etc.

    any recommendations? i will be purchasing them online through the CL website.
  2. I'm around the same size and my Pigalle 100 size is 37. Since you're buying from the website, you can return if it doesn't work out. I have also had a pair in 36.5 but did not keep those. I find they did not stretch enough for me. I also do not wear my shoes often enough for stretching, so I always opt to size up. It's a matter of preference. I find that mostly everyone prefers to size down, however, that just does not work for me. I prefer to size up and pad if need be.
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