Pigalle 120 new/ old stye

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  1. christian-louboutin-black-pigalle-120mm-pumps-size-eu-41-approx-us-11-regular-m-b-4-0-960-960.jpg christian-louboutin-black-pigalle-120mm-pumps-size-eu-41-approx-us-11-regular-m-b-5-0-960-960.jpg christian-louboutin-pigalle-120mm-pumps-size-eu-41-approx-us-11-regular-m-b-1-0-960-960.jpg christian-louboutin-pigalle-120mm-pumps-size-eu-41-approx-us-11-regular-m-b-2-0-960-960.jpg Hello. These Pigalle 120's (see pics) look to me to be the old 'pre-update' style which I want to buy. But want to make certain--would you agree/disagree? Thank you.
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  2. Yes this is old style
    I have a pair, gorgeus shoe...
  3. Thank you Zucnarf. And I agree it is a beautiful style. On a whim I asked the same question to CL NY customer service. The lady who I spoke with hadn't a clue about new style, old style...at one point she said yes those pics show the same shoes that's currently in the stores...this forum is the best!!
  4. The later years of the "older style" Pigalles featured the elastic in the inside back as these have. I think these are circa 2011 or 2012.
  5. Thank you Stilly. Just for kicks I did a search for 'elastic' in Louboutins and came across an older post of yours on Aug 11, 2015! The thread was 'Pigalle Confusion'. Really appreciative of your post and extensive knowledge of Pigalle 120 style history. You won't believe this but two SA's in NY store told me over the phone after having looked at my photos that a shoe cobbler must have put in that elastic!! With my limited knowledge of Pigalle 120's even I knew that it wasn't the case. You and others on this forum are the are such a great resource. Thanks again.
  6. I prefer lower sides of the old pigalles, much nicer I think!!
  7. Thanks zinnes! Most of the SA's haven't been working for CL long enough to know the history.

    I think the elastics in the back of Pigalles may have gone from 2011 to 2013. I just looked at a pair of Pigalle Spikes I bought in July 2013 that have the elastics in back. I bought them directly from the CL online store.
  8. Stilly--quick note rec'd shoes--perfect. Relieved. Thanks again for your advice/input. I know it's time consuming but still looking forward to your visual Pigalle 120 history lesson! For fans here of Pigalle 120 I think it would be not only interesting but helpful as well for future purchases!
  9. Classic Pigalle 120 came in 3 styles: sculptured heel, Decollette heel, straight heel. The latter is the most prevalent. The sculptured had a very "fat" section at the top, the heel-tip is very narrow like the So Kate, Pigalle Follies 120, Hot Chick 130. See 1st pic. The Decollette version is very nice, I have 2 pair..it's a compromise between the straight heel and Sculptured in terms of the breadth at top. See 2nd pic. See 3rd pic for straight heel, narrower at the top.

    The Batignolle 120 was a throwback to the Pigalle 120 sculptured heel, see pic.

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  10. Thanks Raquel--I had no idea really interesting! The latest style/shape of Pigalle 120 being sold in stores and online is in my opinion, well, awful. I'm wondering what the future holds for the 120?...
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