Pigalle 120 - Help

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Based on your US size, in the Pigalle 120 you will most likely go...

  1. One FULL size down

  2. 1/2 size down

  3. True to Size

  4. 1/2 size up

  5. One FULL size up

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Ok, so I'm thinking about adding a Pigalle 120 to my collection. I have tried the Twistochat 120 but they were slipping off my feet in my regular size. I have also tried the Magenta Pigalle 120 in my regular size at NM once and they felt ok til I tried to walk in them. I'm thinking I definitely need to go 1/2 size down to one full size down in these.

    Has anyone ever size down one FULL size in these before? If you guys were to get a pair would you 1/2 size down or full size down?

    I'm going to put a poll up where you can see the user names so it'll be easier for anyone else needing help (just in case you know who your shoe twin(s) is/are). If you have different size depending on the material you can just make a comment about it but vote for the size you'll most likely go with.
  2. java, I think I'd need to go 1 to 1 1/2 full sizes down. I tried on a 36.5 (my true US size) in the 120 at NM Last Call, and it was waaaay too big. There was no way I could keep it on. I haven't been able to try on any other sizes, but I think I'd need a 35-35.5.
  3. So far I have had both a 36 and 36.5 and both were still to big. I am thinking maybe the cut is a little too low for me, but I refuse to give up on them.

    When you tried on the TTS did it feel substantially loose? I know when I tried them on they felt fine, but I think they should have felt tight in the store in order for them to be fine when I walk on concrete. KWIM?
  4. I'm one of the odd ducks...I have the camo pigalles in 38.5 and I'm a US 8, they feel good but there is a teeny tiny visable gap at the back when I'm wearing them....when I had a pair of white patent pigalles in 38 (tts) they were too tight.

    Soooooooo...I guess I had to go a 1/2 size up....
  5. It was loose but not as loose as the Twistochats. I started walking in them and they feel off. I think the only place I would be able to get a size 34/34.5 would be in the boutiques. I was wondering if it was just me who would need one full size down in these or others have the same problems too. It would also be interesting to see where the sizing will start going up sizes for these. :smile:
  6. I have an issue with the toe box being tight so I have to go larger for comfort and use gel heel grips and foot inserts.
  7. javaboo, I believe lvpiggy is usually a 36.5 in CL, but 35.5 in the Pigalle 120.
  8. I wish I knew since we're shoe twins. :sad: I would probably go down a half size myself, to 34.5.
  9. Ok to be safe, I think I would go all the way down to a 34, and have them stretched if need be.
  10. #10 Jan 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2009
    I would go a full size down. My usual CL size is 35.5 (my US size is also 5.5), and I got my magenta patent pigalles in 35, but they were definitely a little too loose. I would ideally need 34.5 (and probably have to stretch the width, but for my 35s I used foot petals and they fit fine now.
  11. I would probably go a half size at least. My camo pony 120s are a 35.5 (my true US) they're fine with heel grips, but I probably could have went with a 35.
  12. #12 Jan 20, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2009
    At least a full size down - I had to go a size and a half (from 37 to 35.5):shrugs:
  13. Chins: Which Pigalle style did you have to go 1 and 1/2 size down for? Do you have really narrow feet?

    Laureen: I remember LVPiggy needing 35.5 but then she got 35 in the Twistochat and Greasepaint Pigalles (I think).
  14. ^ Black Greasepaint Patent - I ordered a 36 and had to sell it as it was a good half size too big :sad: I guess I should have known as I'm a 36 in the 100s...................yep I do have narrow feet.
  15. I would get at lease one size down. I am usually 35.5 in US size. I tried size 35 in 120, it still slipped off my heels. HTH