Pigalle 120 Club: tips on sizing, comfort, and walking with confidence on 120mm

  1. Miami - ami -ami! :yahoo:
  2. yahooo!! I'm so glad you like them!! \(^(oo)^)/

    modeling photos please :biggrin:
  3. I find them super comfy - they're my walking shoes, for days when I know there will be lots of walking involved . . . but then, I'm weird :biggrin:

    I think they can work for almost anyone with patience and practice, but some definetely take to them more easily. You may want to check out the upcoming post on piggy's "pigalle shaped foot" theory, to see if you have pigalle shaped feet! (^(oo)~)

  4. The tutorial is being written - I suspect it's going to run almost 3 pages in MS Word! And yes, there will be a bit of video, although taken in piggy's garage rather than on an actual public hill, for ease of videography . . . still a pretty decent hill tho - steeper than the ones outside, actually (^(oo)^)v

    piggy's garage, viewed from outside - look, it's the pigmobile! :p

    and from inside, standing next to the pigmobile:
    garage02.jpg garage01.jpg
  5. I can't wait!
  6. Voila' - kindly excuse the crappy cellphone pictures
  7. Me too! Walking in 120's does seem daunting to me but hopefully with dear Piggy's help I might brave a pair....

    Piggy you are the MOST.:salute:

  8. There are a couple of pigalle 120 videos on youtube that show how to walk on them elegantly.
  9. beautiful!!! :woohoo: they look perfect on you - the ultimate classic, never-out-of style, forever amazing "little black shoe" :biggrin:
  10. awww thanks ladies! :hugs:

    Charm - go go go! :yahoo:piggy has faith in you! (^(oo)^)
  11. Oh all very lovely! can't wait for piggy to post the video and instructions!!! @_@ :smile:
  12. hmmm - does anyone know if there's a way to link to hosted videos other than on youtube? not particularly keen on uploading videos of myself to youtube for the world to stumble upon randomly . . . (>(oo)<)`
  13. You can try hosting it on rapidshare, and asking others to download it to their computers instead of streaming it online. That way nobody except the readers on this message board will know where to look for the files and what the file address is
  14. Bad Piggy, such an enabler!