Pigalle 100mm vs Valentino pumps?

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  1. Hi ladies! For those who own both or the pigalles I need your help!

    I'm looking to purchase my first pair of patent nude pumps. I'm debating between the pigalle 100mm or the valentino nude pumps (the one with one stud detail in the back heel). I already have a pair of the black valentino pumps so I know how they look and feel. However, the stores in my area never have a pair of pigalles so I haven't had the chance to try them on so I'd like your input.

    Does the shape between the pigalles and the valentino pumps differ that much? which one is better? Any input would greatly help!

    Thank you!
  2. I prefer the pigalle

  3. I have both the Pigalle Follies (100mm, black leather) and the Rockstud Pumps (no straps, 100mm, black leather). The shape of the pumps is similar but not identical. The pitch on the Rockstud Pumps is gentler than the pitch of the Pigalle Follies so the Rockstuds are a tad more comfortable and feel a bit lower.

    I can take comparison pictures of the two this evening.
  4. Yes! That would be great! I have the Valentino pumps too (one with the stud detail at the back) and they fit me perfectly so I'm wondering if that goes the same for the pigalles.

  5. Here are some quick pictures I took that show my Pigalle Follies next to my Rockstud Pumps. I took a 38.5 in the Pigalles and a 38 in the Rockstuds.

  6. You can find the pictures here :whistle:

    I like each of it went down a half size for the Valentino but it's not a big difference between old Pigalle and the valentino.

  7. Thanks for the photos!! How do the rockstud pumps compare to the slingback pumps in terms of size, if you own the slingbacks? I have the slingbacks which fit tts to me and now looking at these pumps, but the matte flats (noncaged) i have are about half a size too big for me, so im nervous it may be worse for heels if they are big. Thanks so much!!

  8. Sorry, but I don't own the slingbacks and have never tried them on because slingbacks have never works for my feet. I can say that I was shocked at how the Rockstuds I have ran as I'm normally a US8 / EUR38.5 and I took a EUR38 in my Rockstuds! You'll have to let me know how they run compared to the flats if you get them because I have my eye on the matte black, non-caged Rockstud flats.
  9. Ohhh I'm nervous now..the slingbacks fit me perfectly and they're very comfortable for their height (100mm). I got the matte black flats in the same size but was a bit disappointed as they were big (both in width and length). However I put an insole in and so far they seem fine, but i feel don't have much feet support.
    Having said that, US5 is always too big for me (I discover with the Ferragamo sizing that I'm indeed a US 4.5, and a TTS Italian 35 - in my research I found Italian & French sizings are different, 35 IT is equivalent to 36 FR).
    I'll definitely let you know how the pumps wear if I decide to get them :smile:
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