Pigalle 100 - what are my options?

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  1. Ladies,

    I am ready to add a pair of Pigalle 100 to my CL collection. I started my search and was very disappointed with my options. I am not a fan of traditional patent black or beige or yellow or pink.
    What I am considering are
    1-beige non patent - but it's kinda of boring
    2-Patent nude spikes from Net-A-Porter... But I feel like I liked the old denim with silver spikes better
    3-Black python from Barney's I love but I prefer a 41.5 and Barney's only go up to 41
    I called the boutique and in my size there weren't really any options.

    Anything else I am missing that someone can recommend? I would love a colored suede or pony hair (but not animal print).

    Any help is appreciated!
    Thank you!!
  2. aalinkaa I don't know if you are referring to the US nap site or the EU/Int'l nap site. But if you are referring to the int'l site, pls be careful as the nude CLs currently on offer, is a different "nude" than the most usual nude that we see. I bought a pair of LoveMes and returned them. The int'l nap site is describing them as "blush", but the CL box that I received said "nude". It was a dark beige-like nude, with a four-digit colour code. Too dark for a "nude" for my own skintone. Just fyi.
  3. Go for Barney's!!! They're gorgeous!

    Also, be sure to know your Pigalle sizing, because they run TTS/large - so maybe the 41 will fit you! :yes: Can you try them in person? If not order them anyway and return them if they don't fit!

    Otherwise, Pigalle 100 is a style that comes in various colors all the time. Just wait a bit for next season and see if more colors will come out!
  4. I agree, those python on Barneys.com are hot! I think I was hoping for something other than black, but I guess I cannot go wrong with black lol :smile: I have a pair of Pigalle 100 glitter and they are 41 but my toes are not very comfortable in them so I was thinking half size up would be better. But you are right, I have nothing to loose so I will probably order them in 41 and will decide when they arrive :smile:
  5. Oh good to know! But I actually found a pair of nude ones in my size on Saks.com. But I can see what you are saying, the ones on Saks.com are kind of dark on the picture, but it may actually look good on me. I already have Corneille in light nude so maybe these would be a good way to add a little different nude to my CL collection :smile: