Pigalle 100 or 85?


May 22, 2010
I normally don't like pointy shoes as I think they make your feet look big (I am a TTS 39) and all my Loubis are either round toe or peep toe. But lately the Pigalle has been growing on me, such a sexy classy shoe!

Ideally I would like the 120 but there is no way I would be able to actually use them and I am looking for something I can walk for a while in, not just car to restaurant shoes. Thus I am left with the 85 and 100.

Does anyone have pics showing them side by side? Or modeling pics of both?

Is there a big difference in comfort between them? My problem is not so much that I have trouble walking in heels but that I have bad ankles that are prone to twisting, especially the right one, when walking on uneven ground. Eg London sidewalks, they tend to tilt towards the street and it just kills my ankles trying to keep myself upright. Gah I hate my ankles... The more I twist them the worse it gets of course so I do need to be careful.

It seems to cause more pain and strain on my ankels the higher the pitch of the shoe, so I am thinking maybe I should go for the 85? But are they too boring? The 100 looks way sexier. How different do they feel to walk in?

And what is the sizing like? Is it different between the patent/calf/suede? I was considering nude or black patent but if I can find a good deal on other materials they are of interest too.

Some example of what I have are:
Simple 100 calf 39.5 ok with heel grips and bare feet but slip with stockings
HP python 39.5 a litte roomy but fine with party feet half insole, 39 would be perfect I think
Altadama 100 suede 39 fits perfectly
No Prive glitter 39 snug heelstrap on one fooot but fine, should maybe have take 39.5 as they never seem to stretch any
New Simple 90 patent cork 39.5 super tight new but have stretched out so fine now
Yoyo sling 85 calf 39.5 very comfortable fit

What do you think? Maybe 39 calf/suede and 39.5 patent? Is the sizing different between the 85 and 100?


Nov 21, 2013
I have Pigalle Spikes in all different heel heights. The lower the heel the more comfortable is the shoe. Unfortunately the higher the heel the smaller the foot looks.

I noticed that vibram makes the shoe more "soft to walk". I tried Pigalle 85 without vibram and Pigalle 100 with vibram. At the end oft the day my feet did hurt a lot more in the Pigalle 85 without vibram.

I buy both TTS. Usually the toe box is a bit narrow at the beginning. But they will stretch. Just make sure the length is fine.

"Does anyone have pics showing them side by side?"

Black is 100 and orange is 85. Both are the same size.

Hope that helps a bit.



Dec 26, 2012
I personally much prefer the look of 100s, and the variance in comfort isn't so huge as to make me choose otherwise (unless I am really going to be walking a distance). I also agree that Vibrams can make it a bit more cushy!

That being said, uneven city sidewalks are pretty much murder on your ankles with even the slightest heel, so I always think it's best to bring flats and swap them out. Once on better ground, 100s should keep you cute and comfortable!

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May 2, 2014
I have pigalles in both 100mm n 85mm. I too have an ankle injury and tend to use the lower heeled ones more. I find them more comfy if I'm going to be walking a fair bit. So the 85mm gets my vote. As for sizing I bought all in the same size as my 100mm. But now I find going up half a size is a better fit in the 85mm.