Pig, Duck, Snowman and Owl ^0^

  1. Hi All,

    I am hopping over from the Louis Vuitton Forum to glean some information from you knowledgable Hermes Addicts.

    I am looking to get one of the animal charms, and am considering the Pig, Duck, Snowman and Owl.

    Could you post pics of your animal charms, as well as let me know whether the 4 are limited edition or a constant issue?

    Thankies dearies! :flowers:
  2. Here is my ladybird keychain. She's cute eh? Very useful.
    lb.jpg kellylb.jpg
  3. Hi, this is my H pink pig charm on my bluebrighton birkin... it's made out of chevre leather.
    BlueBrighton and Jaune.jpg
  4. Here is Ladybug and my precious doggie:heart:
    Black Picotin #2.jpg Brown Picotin #2.jpg
  5. ^Oh the ladybug is so cute!! I always wonder; why aren´t these made with gold hw??
  6. oh great thread. the charms are super cute..
    now i have to head to my H store... I should get one of these to dress up my birkin
  7. The chains are actually real silver, instead of Pall. So I think if they did it in real gold, instead of gold plated, then it might put the price a little too high. That's how I thought about it any ways :o
  8. Here's the bunny, tiger, heart, clover, and snowman. I don't believe they keep re-issuing these--i.e., this past winter was a snowflake, and not the snowman from last year--but older ones may be floating around the stores if you have an SA check for you. It's really best to snap it up when you see it because often times it just sells out or disappears over time (from personal experience :push:smile:. And whispa is right...the chain is made of sterling so they are prone to tarnish if you don't polish the chain periodically.
    CIMG1294.jpg CIMG1224.jpg CIMG1412.jpg CIMG1431.jpg CIMG1600.jpg
  9. Here are a couple older pics of some of mine. I cannot tell if they are in focus - hope so ~
  10. Oh nooooooooo your photos are making me lust after them so badly!!!! :drool::drool::drool:

    Thankies all you sweeties for posting your extensive collection of the cuties!!!! :flowers::heart:
  11. I adore the alligator (crocodile?)!!! He looks so wily.

    And the piggy reminds me of a South Park episode. Hehe

    So cute!!!

  12. These are so cute!!! I want a pig and a tiger and a snowman. :lol:. :p
  13. [​IMG]

    here comes the owl..
  14. The owl looks totally amazing with the shade of blue of your beautiful H bag! :love:
  15. WOW, I've never seen the owl before!!! that is soooooo cute!!!!!!! I wish I can get one somewhere!:girlsigh: