Pietra Bow Bag

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    I'm thinking of buying the Bow bag in pietra? Does anyone know if its one of the Problem colours? eg...leather drying out, peeling, discolouring, or inking splitting etc.

    If anyone has one can they please let me know before I spend all that money on a bag that could fall to bits.:nogood::nogood::nogood:
    I really wanted the older series (it seemed to be much better leather than this glazed) but I dont think Im going to find one :sad::sad::shucks::shucks:

    Thanks girls

  2. first of all - miu miu bags need proper treatment - like every designer bag IMO

    and then i would avoid light glazed colors - thats my personal opinion- i have a whitish bow bag with the very old leather and it is not delicate at all - although the leather of course darkens. I never wear the bags with jeans as jeans give color obviously.

    you should be fine with pietra its one of the colors that actually stay like what they are - aswell as fumo and argilla - although I have to mention I used my new argilla bow twice and the edges of the bag already look a bit used...
  3. btw there is currently a fumo bag with the old leather on eBay.co.uk for 750 GBP. I think you asked me to authenticate it already.
  4. i have a bow bag in pietra and i have it for the past 6-8 months. it still looks just like the day it arrived. i don't baby my bags but because i bought it during fall-winter, i sprayed water protectant on it a couple of times. other than that i don't treat the leather with anything. the leather looks slouchy and worn-in but it was like that since the beginning.
  5. Hi Lisie

    I did see it thank-you and yes that was the one I asked you to authenticate.
    I asked the seller for a few more close up pics of the inking/piping and the various defects. She kindly sent them to my email address so I could enlarge them.
    Sadly the damage is a lot worse than I thought from the eBay pics and the bag has definately been used a lot more than her claims of twice!!!!
    I think she is asking far too much for it, given the condition...
    Quite upset ,i thought my luck was in ...

    I am a bit scared to buy a new one incase it falls to bits ?? hence my post here.
  6. No cracking or splitting of the inking/piping?
    No drying out of the leather or horrible colour change?

    Thank-you for your post ...things maybe looking up...would like to hear from more ladies with this colour :smile:))
  7. Thank-you for your post ... I love the grey bow bag its such a versatile colour although some of the greys look much the same to me ...not sure why they all have different names.
    My ideal bag would have been the older leather lighter grey one ...but I doubt thats ever goung to happen, so I need to find an alternative.
    I just cant stand the thought of buying a brand new one and the same awful defects happen to it, as has happened to some of the ladies here on the forum.

    I would cry for months!!!
  8. 750 GBP is too much you can almost buy a new one.
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    I totally agree Lisie ... and the pics she has on ebay dont show up the damage like it really is.
    The sealant on the other side is much worse and all along the top where the zip is, is also cracked.
    I had pics sent to email address and zoomed in for a better look. I made an offer for much less but she didnt accept it.

    Im seriously thinking of buying a new one ...just worried that I pay all that money and it still splits and cracks and does all the things you ladies have listed as terrible faults with the bow bag.
    I have read all the threads regarding its problems but am still not sure whether these problems are still happening with it???

    Would really appreciate tpf members experiences here :smile:
  10. Nope, not a single crack in the sealants or in the piping. The color is just like the day it arrived. The bottom of the bag is a little blackend but i put it on the floor all the time.
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    ON THE FLOOR IPEKKELES :nono::nono::nono::shocked::shocked::panic::panic::faint:

    Seriously thanks for your post,its good to know.
  12. hahah yes i know, i'm not very good with my bags.

    here are a couple of photos that might help you. took these yesterday




  13. Thanks very much for pics... Yours is looking nice and you've had it a while now

    I sent for a new one ...was really excited...it arrived yesterday...and was returned yesterday !!!!
    The sealant on the sides was already slightly cracked on the side where you open the zip and one of the bows was peeling around the top edge !!!!!

    The assistant said it was the vintage look it was supposed to have...Rubbish!

    If this is Miu Miu way of getting out of producing quality,it aint working with me.
    I work hard and save hard for my bags,I treat them like babies and in return all I ask of them is that they look lovely... for that amount of care and money.

    Im now hoping to buy a nice pre-loved older leather one .