Pierre Hardy??

  1. I found this buttery soft leather bag on a 30% table in Bloomingdales. I know nothing of Pierre Hardy. Had the bag put on hold,went home and Google it. Found it at Barney's, for $1200, Bloomies it is $833 plus they have some promotion going on for giftcards, the more you spend the more you get.

    Here is the bag. I have never spent this much on a bag. Trying to find away to need this bag.

  2. Here's a little background on Pierre Hardy (as well as more of those lovely full-price bags):


    If you love luxe materials like that buttery soft leather, and enjoy carrying a bag that only a select few will recognize and appreciate, go for it. Visit pierrehardy.com if you need more convincing . . .

    "Want turns to need when the price is right"
  3. Bloomingdale's carries Pierre Hardy??!! Wow that's news to me. Can you let me know which Bloomies it is?

    Pierre Hardy is one of my favorite designers and I love how his line is still sort of under the radar and mainly for those "in-the-know." I really like that bag you posted....it's one of PH's classic designs and he's releasing it this coming season (spring/summer '08) in some TDF colors like electric blue, etc. The key thing is whether YOU like that bag.....if you love it then go for it, or maybe wait till that price gets slashed even further to 50% or so (it might be possible).
  4. I own a Pierre Hardy bag and love it!! I would snatch this style up in a minute, but, I agree with the ladies above, only get it if you love it.

    Foxy, electric blue, really? I am a sucker for blue bags! Can't wait to see it!
  5. Thanks for the input.

    The bag is still on hold at Bloomies. I have to run over a get it, been thinking about it all day, when I should have been working!

    I don't care if others know what bag I am carrying all I know is that it is a real pretty one.

    I have never seen a bag go 50% off at Bloomies, okay maybe a real ugly one, but this is the only one they have. This Bloomies doesn't even have Jimmy Choo they do have Fendi but that is it in high scale range. The SA didn't even know who Pierre Hardy was.
  6. You go girl! If I lived in the US and could get my hands on one I would, especially at 30% off. Fabulous!
  7. I bought one with a long strap that you can wear it across the body. The leather is fabulous and I am waiting for a hobo style that I found at aloha rag at a discount.
  8. I love that Pierre Hardy bag, and i would snatch it up in a second. I have been lusting after that style since i first saw it, which i think was last spring. Get it and show us please :yes: