pierre hardy!

  1. anyone have one of his bags/like his bags?? i have liked the most recent of his bag collections...i think Barneys sells them online...

    i really want to know if anyone has seen/knows where to get (if it is still available) the black-gold trim messenger i saw once. a shot in the dark, i know...

  2. I LOVE Pierre Hardy bags!!! They're adorable and really chic. I tried on the black suede messenger with gold trim and would've gotten it if it were smaller. The messenger is quite large.
  3. tried it on at...?
  4. Barneys carries them. The bags are great. Great colors. I absolutely LOVE his shoes....:love:
  5. srq, I was at Barneys in Beverly Hills, CA yesterday, and they have A LOT. No kidding, it's like PH overflow over there- all sizes and colors. Give them a call, and they can probably do a charge send for you or give you more information about them. :smile:
  6. I tried it on at Barneys in BH. They only had one at the time though! I want to go check it out now, but I don't think I have time :sad:.

  7. true! i will think about that...the only one i am looking for is the messenger...since i would look pretty odd with a PH handbag on my shoulder ;)

    thankyou for all the information (everyone)!