Pierre Hardy Handbag -- No Dustcover????

  1. I just received my black nappa Pierre Hardy handbag from Barney's and it came wrapped in tissue -- no dustcover was included.

    Last summer I bought the same style from Barney's in a different color and I received a dust cover. I sent Barney's an e-mail requesting one, but has anybody else had this happen? I know it sounds crazy, but as much as I love the bag, I love taking care of it too and I need the appropriate dust cover to do so. I guess I could use a pillow case, but I want the correct cover.

    Do you think Barney's will send me one?
  2. They should since Barney's is such an established outfit. And given the pricetag of that bag, you should get more than one dustbag. That's just my opinion.
  3. Thank you for your response! It is so lovely, but the leather is super-soft and I want to make sure it stays nice and safe so it won't scratch.

    They haven't answered my inquiry yet, but as you reminded me (thanks!) Barney's is a reputable company.