Pierre Hardy good? bad? true love?

  1. So I mostly just have Marc Jacobs bags (though I have had some Botkier, Kooba, and Gustto in the past). I've really been admiring Pierre Hardy latley and I'm wondering if anyone can share about their experience with quality etc.?

    How's the leather?
    Do they wear well?
    All around Longevity?

    I think I want a mesenger, yum!

  2. I love the black patent zippie duffel at Barney's but 1,200.00 (for me) is a special occasion purse like Christmas. I typically save that holiday for a new Jimmy Choo now if it went on sale that's a different story. I love the designs.
  3. I was thinking of watching for a sale. I wouldn't shell out $1200 if I wasn't 100% sure I would LOVE it.
  4. The first handbag on his website in electric blue and black is also great for spring. Hope you find a great deal.
  5. I just got a black and white pierre hardy. the leather is the softest leather i've ever had on a bag. leather in and out. i love it!
  6. I dont own a pierre hardy, but I really like the bags and think they are very good quality. I like a lot of the color combos that are used too.
  7. been lusting over the one on the Barney site...saw one IRL last year at Bloomies, wish I got it because it was on sale