Pierra Hardy tote HELP !!!

  1. Has anyone scene any of these Pierre Hardy bags recently online or in store?

    I havn't had any luck finding one in the states (all sold out), and the only one I was able to track dwon was the messenger in tan at Zolashoes in canada. I know the spring line will be coming out soon, but I really like the black/black patent and black/gold leather from fall.....

    Anyone know where there may be one or two hiding? I am desperate!!!
  2. Pierre Hardy bags can be found at these locations. I went to their website at Pierre Hardy and it shows their bags and where they are distributed. Hope this is helpful!
    Atlanta—Bob Ellis
    Beverly Hills—Barney’s
    Charleston—Bob Ellis Shoestore
    Charlotte—Bob Ellis Shoestore
    Chicago—Barney’s, Blake
    Honolulu—Aloha Rag
    Indianapolis—French Pharmacy
    Los Angeles—Diavolina, Neiman Marcus , Satine
    Miami—Bloomingdales, Capretto
    New Jersey—Nordstrom
    New York—Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Janet Brown, Jeffrey, Jimmy's, Kirna Zabete
    Plainview NY—Shoebox
    San Francisco— Neiman Marcus
  3. My husband bought my Pierre Hardy bag from Bergdorfs. Good luck. It's a great bag!
  4. Hi there - I am with Zola in Toronto

    We have the black/black in both large and small messengers - the styles are on our site.

    We are now shipping free in North America - I've already shipped out 2 of the P Hardy bags to California!

    Please feel free to contact me if you're interested.


  5. I just came across this thread so by now you may have already found the bag you wanted, but ... I just ordered this handbag from www.barneys.com. I bought the natural/ivory bag, but they do have a black patent one as well if you're still interested.
  6. I'm looking for the black and gold also. Anyone see any around anywhere?
    pierre hardy.jpg