Pierotucci Sale and Giveaway

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  1. Yay! I got an email today from Pierotucci - they're starting a Facebook page and you can win €250! And they've got a sale on some bags. Don't know if anyone is interested, but €250 - oh yeah!!! Brings my new bag a little closer!!!!

  2. Hmm. Perhaps this is better suited for the Deals & Steals forum! :flowers:
  3. Oh, sorry! I'll repost. Thank you.:oh:
  4. Hey ladies, received an email yesterday (sorry posted this in the wrong spot) that Pierotucci are giving €250 (think it's as store credit) prize draw for joining their Facebook, and are having a sale - not sure what percent discount is offered. Worth a peek - I love their bags!

    Link below

  5. Please don't repost topics, we don't allow duplicates. Thanks.
  6. Hi Catdance. I joined the Pierotucci Facebook and I'm sure I'm gonna win the €250 prize! I have the same Birkin style bag, but I'm thinking I'd also like it in the chocolate colour you have. Are you still loving it and using it a lot?
  7. Yes! It's really soft and quite roomy. I also bought a chocolate Furla - love that too. It's going into autumn here, so I can use them both even more - I love the chocolate with my black trench too. I know some people don't like to, but I love mixing black and brown! Oh, good luck with the Facebook prize - I had a problem and couldnt get on site - will try again today.
  8. Does anyone know when this is drawn...I can't remember?
  9. Hi Italian_Gold - Pierotucci's Facebook says the competition closes 1 December, but not sure when the prize draw takes place. :confused1:
  10. Does anyone know if you can still order those beautiful birkin-style bags they used to do years ago? I can't see them on the website.
  11. thanks for this timely news.
  12. Starlett309, I have the same one in beige. Like Catdance says, it's beautifully soft and handmade in Italy. I love to buy local products like this piece.