Pierotucci - important information for the fellow tPFers

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  1. I was ordering the bag from Pierotucci these days and by chance got an info that might be interesting for you.
    The company, www.pierotucci.com, will not sell the Items like 265, 228, 220, 268, 197, 224, 239 and other these styles in different sizes, after 31 st January 2009.
    So I thought it might be an interesting info for the ladies who are considering to order these bags from Pierotucci.

    In addition, I must say that this company has absolutely gorgeous, impeccable customer service - there is Valentina who is always helpful, open for all questions, willing to assist, I cannot find enough superb words to describe her professional approach. Any high-end boutique would be happy to have her on the shop floor and you should not hesitate to call this nice lady.

    I even asked her to send the leather samples to me, she did it.
    Leather is absolutely gorgeous, of substantial thickness and has very much "soul" inside it.

    I have never bought black bags by now, but their soft embossed black leather is simply divine - so deep, rich, shining, nice black colour I have never seen before and I was not able to resist it. :smile:
  2. I remember Pierotucci, it was almost the first high quality bag I ever purchased, but I restrained since I was still living in the university dorms. They look fantastic!
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    sorry - double post.
  4. There have been numerous threads about poor quality also and customer service complaints about Pierotucci bags; at least a few people on the forum had problems. I saw at least a couple where people were really disappointed. Perhaps that's why they are discontinuing the line?
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    I only provided the info, described my experience with the company and I stand behind the fact that their leather is really gorgeous. My experience with their customer service is really great, unparalleled. I am referring to the recent time, I do not know anything about the previous situation.

    There are quality issues with each single company on this forum and we all present our points of view which might differ from case to case.
    I did not want to start discussion, just to inform the fellow members, as I would appreciate to hear the info which might interest me and I have received many valuable info from you - this is my small contribution only.

    Pierotucci is not discontinuing a whole line of their bags, only several bags, others will be available further.
    So, this information is only for those people who would like to buy one of the bags which are to be discontinued. By the way, I do not possess any of those.

    I believe any recommendation for any good company producing high quality leather bags is welcome and my understanding is that forum is about it - please, accept this thread in that positive spirit.
  6. ^Please don't spam people.
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    Hopefully no fight will develop here, as I am not selling anything and there are no spams, only information.
    Just wanted to inform you about this close date and hoped you would appreciate the info (at least I would do, but it might be my personal understanding).
    Hopefully we can close this thread, the info is here and is available to all interested members, there is no need for any heated words. :smile:
  8. I agree with the no spam thing. I think sending private messages to people you don't know with this type of thing is inappropriate.
  9. This is not a spam post because i am aware of this ...please do not come to conclusions without giving the person a chance
  10. I too am aware of the sale/clearance, which by the way the prices are very good.
    thanks zaduzl for the information.
  11. I'm confused. . . who's spamming?
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    Sent you a PM Swanky. Thanks!
  13. I didnt get any private messages :confused1:
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    I don't want this thread to degenerate in case people are interested in these bags. I have no problem with the thread and don't consider the thread spam. I'm not sure how many people got messages. I don't think she probably meant anything bad by it. So, I'll just take it she was trying to do something nice and leave it at that. (I just have this silly aversion to solicitations and spam in my e-mail boxes). No harm, no foul.
  15. I dont understand why so many threads on the forum have become like a mudslinging match .....at times i am too scared to post lest it be thought otherwise
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