piero sale purchase

  1. Ok...I took a deep breath and bought a red 32cm firm leather HAC. Thanks for letting me know, foxmonkey. :yes:

    It's the colour of pseub's Kelly.

    I noticed that the Piero HAC has longer handles than the Hermes one. Have your noticed that, Etenebris?

    I think that's great because I 'll be able to wear it on my shoulders then. Please post any buys you make, ladies. I'll love to know.

    p.s: This thread is meant for sharing Piero purchases. Please be nice. Thank you.

    Etenebris' HAC

  2. I'm glad you found something! I've been looking and trying to decide ever since I got home and logged on! I'm very close to finally making a decision. As soon as I do, I'll post! :yes:
  3. is this an Hermes bag?
  4. It's Pierotucci, an Italian bag.
  5. I think its a Pierotucci? Not sure though.
  6. I would love to see one in real life. They look lovely.
  7. aaah! Sure looks similar, I am not an Hermes fan, so most bags this shape look like an H to me:shame:
  8. It's not just you, I thought the same thing when I saw the picture. Lovely bag!
  9. Well, I finally decided and placed my order before I left work this evening. :yes:

    At first I wanted a bag like corsetted's gorgeous polished leather bordeaux Kelly style, but the 35cm firm leather in cognac grabbed me and wouldn't let me go. :heart:
  10. It looks elegantly understated. (I mean that in good way!) May you wear it in good health.
  11. Just ordered one! A 24cm Kelly style in red polished leather. Thanks again Foxmonkey! Thinking that I will special order a black croc embossed 30 cm birkin style with silver hardware next.


    Corsetted- sounds like it will be lovely, can't wait for IRL pics.
  12. I should NEVER read these threads..I just ordered the bag pictured.
  13. Ooh, lovely choice! :tup:
  14. Thank you! I decided to branch out in color. Imagine this bag for Christmas functions!
  15. Eeep! There's a Piero sale?

    Gorgeous bag, corsetted! That will be great for summer.

    Edit: I had to look. There IS a sale! Where, oh where is my paycheck?