Pierce Brosnan

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  1. Have always loved his movies! He is also my male celebrity crush!! 65 and looks handsome as ever!

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  2. He's my forever crush. My hubby, friends, even my co-workers know it. LOL~
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  3. Yep! :heart:
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  4. he looks good
    his wife gained a Lot of weight and he apparently is still happy with her :smile:
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  5. He is one of those guys who gets better with age - if this is even possible...
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  6. He is still hunky. Actually think he is more attractive now than in his Remmington Steel days!
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  7. Yes! I even thought he was better looking in The World is Not Enough compared to Goldeneye. The little bit of added weight and muscle is nice on him.

    His wife has a pretty face!! I always feel so bad, some forums on other sites are terrible in their words about her.
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  8. Probably the word "wife" means a life partner in his dictionary, not a fashion accesory. IMO this is how it should be.
  9. I've always admired how devoted to family he is. By all accounts he adored his first wife too. When he married her he adopted her two children from a previous marriage. She died of ovarian cancer and her daughter also died of it years later.

    I was happy for him that he found love again. He was my #1 TV crush when I was a teenager.