Pier One going out of business sale


Jan 16, 2006
San Diego
I guess they must be taking their time going out of business because the prices are not great. I went there yesterday looking for two bar stools. most of what they had was one only, not a pair. the average price was $150 to $200. I picked up a water glass. It was marked $14 - for one glass.
guess once the stores get all picked over they'll starting discounting more.
Waste of time for me.
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Oct 31, 2011
Usually when companies go out of business and close all their stores, they turn the whole thing over to liquidators. They will probably raise prices to start with and start discounting from there.

Now, when companies close some of their stores, they do the sale themselves and you get bargains.

The World Market usually has bar stools - don't know how good or bad the prices are though.


Oct 23, 2015
Exactly this. I took my mother to two pier 1s over the past week. I live in a heavy covid area, things are just starting to open here. Anyway, the employee said everything is being controlled by the bank now. The sale will be for 13 ish weeks and every week the bank will decide the sales and change as they go. I know I overpaid on a few items, but I only plan on making one more trip to pick up something I ordered and be done with it.

The store can still order things for you, and itll be free instore pick up. If you see anything you like. I got my stools at bed bath and beyond.
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