Pieces made in China?

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  1. I'm pretty new to Mulberry and I went into a store yesterday to check out the sale. I was a bit surprised that some items such as wallets are made in China and this was confirmed by the SA there. Are some of the larger items such as handbags and shoes made in China too?

    I guess by the end of the day it doesn't matter that much but of course I would prefer pieces made in Italy, France, etc. I have noticed that Burberry had items made elsewhere too. Thanks on advance!
  2. Welcome!

    I've had bags made in:


    I think most SLGs are China, scarves Italy I think but that's it - I could be wrong as only going by what I've owned myself
  3. Yes, I have bags made in Spain, England, Turkey and China.
  4. My Womble sheepskin Bayswater (in my avatar) was made in Spain and is absolutely gorgeous throughout; perfect stitching and workmanship and the finest quality sheepskin. I've had some pretty shoddy models from M.com - including a nightmare Del Rey which was never satisfactorily resolved, imho, so the country of manufacture isn't necessarily an indicator of quality. That said, I do like to see Made in England in a Mulberry (but I'd never, ever part with Womble!) 😉😍
  5. Have mulb wallets made in China.
    Possibly, is the end of the world.
    But they keep looking great & working.
    So guess will roll on.
    Fool that I am.;)
  6. This seems wise.
    Wombles are fab.♡
  7. I haven't checked my bags, but I know some of my SLGs are made in China.
    I don't mind - the quality of the workmanship seems as good as items from anywhere else.

    When I have had issues with Mulberry items, it has been due to the quality of leather or metal bits, not the workmanship. I would assume that Mulberry would use the same quality of leather and metal bits no matter where the items have been put together, so to me it doesn't matter where the items are made.
  8. All shoes and clothes are made in Italy. Bags are all made in Europe- half in Somerset, England the rest in Spain and Turkey. They did used to make some in China but now only make SLGs there and no bags.
    Spain is mostly for exotic leathers, there is a village where almost everyone is a leather worker and a lot of brands have their bags made there. The factory in Turkey is run by mulberry- they don't just order bags from a general manufacturer.p and it is the same for the factory in China.

    Be aware that a lot of big names will make a bag in China but "finish" them in France/ Italy.
  9. Where are the 'made in' labels on the wallets? I've got a continental tree (bought from HoF so 100% real!) but I can't find the lable anywhere!
  10. Embossed in a sneaky way--bottom of card slots, interior
  11. Thank you for the reply! Have turned the whole bloody thing inside out, and can't see any embossing, though. The 'hidden' bits of my wallet are edged in leather, but predominantly lined in fabric. I only bought it a couple of weeks ago so perhaps this is a recent change?
  12. I almost ripped my wallet apart and still couldn't find it.
  13. Sorry--photo bit large.
    Here is made in tag, tree continental wallet.
    Interior, last card slip.

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  14. Blimey that was well-hidden! Have found it now, thank you!
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  15. My mini lily is made in China. Is that considered SLG? To be honest I was not very happy after I found out it's made in China. $500+ for such a tiny bag and it's made in China..