picturesque towns in canada...

  1. [FONT=Arial, Helvetica][FONT=Arial, Helvetica]ok, so i dont know how many of you guys live in canada but i have a queston to ask you...or anyone really that knows![/FONT]

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica]what are some small towns in canada? Towns that are somewhat picturesque, where the leaves change colors during the fall, and the air gets nippy...During the winter it snows...during the spring flowers are in bloom everywhere and its really green...where its almost a little village like setting where everybody knows everybody...[/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica]ok so i know there may not even be a real place like this in canada, but i have no clue! so i thought i would ask some people who knew about it![/FONT]
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  2. wow they're all over the place! Once you get away from the big towns they're almost all like that! Churchill Manitoba is very very picturesque...but it really really far north and nowhere near any big towns and hard to travel to.
  3. Whistler in B.C. is pretty, fun and alot of people know each other there. But it's mostly people in their 20's wanting to snowboard and party. lol
  4. Stratford, Ontario! I love it there. There's an open stage in the town, and there's always plays there. It's a really pretty town.

    Goderich is also really nice.
  5. Ottawa, the nation's capital is absolutely gorgeous for the seasons.

    My favorite town though is Banff, Alberta - we had a destination wedding there and it's just spectacular. The mountains really take your breath away!
  6. all over the atlantic provinces (nova scotia, new brunswick, pei, and newfoundland)!!! there are only a handful of actual cities and the provinces are primarily rural. lots of small fishing villages, very picturesque. and we have four very distinct seasons, with the intensity varying throughout the region. but since canada is so large and the population is relatively small, you will find small towns like the ones you describe all across the country.
  7. There's plenty of them all over the province of Quebec :yes:
  8. i agree, there are plenty all over Canada, in Ontario, just go up north and you will endless of small towns with nice sceneries.
  9. Peterborough's really pretty. It's a small town, but you drive through farmland going into there.

    There's the sweetest little bed and breakfast - Resonance Inn.

    Resonance Bed & Breakfast and Spa

    The people there are so nice and they really take care of you. (The lady practically committed hara kiri because I didn't like the western omelet she made me.)
  10. Niagara on the Lake is gorgeous and Owen Sound, both in Ontario. Planning a visit?
  11. oh gosh, I wanna go too.... the places mentioned sound divine...
  12. Banff and Lake Louise, Alberta!
  13. I would definatly suggest somewhere in the east. Nova Scotia (especially Cape Breton Island) and PEI have some beautiful little towns on the side of the ocean.
  14. i've never been here, but i always see the new brunswick ads on tv...

    it looks GORGEOUS.. the tree leaves turn so red.

    i'd love to visit one day.
  15. i agree w/ roo... banff!
    PEI has lottttts of green! :smile: anne of green gables house is in PEI!