1. I thought that one of the reasons that we upload photos to your data base is so that they can not be viewed unless you are a member of this forum and logged on. Am I wrong in this?

    Is there anyway that this can be changed so that if lurkers are out and about lurking on this site they will
    not be able to view any photographs that members post?

  2. If you are not logged on, you can't view attached images.
  3. Oh my Vlad....:confused1: I can see all the pictures. I logged out cleared my cookies on Firefox went back to the forum did not log in and clicked on the pics and they came up. So I closed Firefox and opened up Internet Explorer went to the website clicked on the pics and saw them there too.

    What am I doing wrong?. Is it my browser?
  4. Let me check this out
  5. I'm attaching my avatar photo just to check in this thread
  6. It does not work here- in either explorer or firefox. I logged out and attempted to open the picture and it prompted me to log in.

    You must be logged on somehow on your computer :shrugs: