Pictures with/of the Oval clutch?

  1. Okay, so I've come across a mini-windfall and want to make another Balenciaga purchase. I'm seriously considering the Oval clutch... I don't own a good clutch bag, and this one is big enough to hold the basics (ID, debit card, a bit of cash, phone, iPod, lipstick). Is it big enough that I might be able to sneak in a smallish book? (This is why I don't own a clutch. :rolleyes: It always comes down to, "Can I put a book in? What about a sketchpad? No? But what if I get bored?" Which of course one usually doesn't at places where one would be using a clutch - in my case clubs or the opera/ballet.)

    I know some of you ladies own this bag, and I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to post pictures holding it or with it next to another bag for comparison?

    Any comments or reviews would also be helpful! :yes:
  2. Did you check the "Photos Wearing Your Balenciaga" thread:smile: ?
  3. ^I did a search for "clutch" and another for "oval" and didn't come up with any pictures of the Oval! I was expecting to find at least one there, but no. :shrugs: A few of the cute square clutch though...
  4. Cheshire Cat,

    Another suggestion if you are looking for a large clutch to hold your things, how about the flat zip clutch?

    Here's a pic of it w/ the large hardware:



    The SA I talked to at Nordstrom Sac. told me they will be stocking it in Black, Cobalt, Natural, and some other colors. It's $800-something, and supposed to be quite roomy. I like the wrist strap 4 convenience.
  5. Here you go! Oval Clutch as compared to a black city

  6. Do you know if they'll have the flat clutch in Classic hardware?
  7. I will post photos of the Oval Clutch with stuff in it the meantime, it holds about the same as a First.
  8. Wow. It's huge! I'm sold - I can totally fit a book in there (a skinny one, but still!). :lol:

    livethelake, thank you for posting that comparison picture. I really had no idea it was that big, but that will work well for me. I hope don't look absurd carrying it.

    spiralsnowman, I didn't even know they were doing another flat square clutch this season. Although I love the addition of the wrist strap, I'm not a big fan of the GH on me and I think the Oval's shape is more unexpected and unique. Are they really charging $800 for them? The Ovals only retail for about $700... I wonder if the higher price is due to the hardwear?

    And finally to highgloss, I did manage to find pictures of your lovey Ink oval, and it's I love it! Do you use it a lot?
  9. cheshire- you and i must be long lost twins or something because I too have been hit with a sudden urge to buy a clutch. I think it's becuase I've been watching too much Sex and the City on DVD. Any way I think the oval is perfect. What color are you looking for it in? I am hoping that is exists in a rogue VIF. But if not, a simple black one would suffice. If I stumble across a color you're looking for i will let you know.
  10. OH MY! These are the long awaited Giant Traveler! $895. :push: :sweatdrop:

    I hope my local NM gets some.

  11. I too am feeling more and more drawn to the Oval, I think Anthracite would be a lovely color for it.
  12. Actually, I bought one on Friday. :yahoo: It's a beautiful black one, and it holds a ton. I will post pictures ASAP, including it being held and how much it can fit. :yes:

    It is a wonderful bag, and I love the shape of the Oval. I actually carried it as a day bag today and didn't miss a wrist strap or anything. Obviously not as convenient as one of the bags with handles, but very stylish - I got a lot of comments.
  13. :nuts: good god! I never knew the clutch was that big...I imagine it can carry all sorts of it!!! :heart:
  14. i can't wait to see pics! the oval is so unique and pretty!
  15. ARGH! I forgot to post pix of the clutch, and my mom has taken her camera back. But now you have one, so congrats!

    I do carry it a lot. It holds so much, and for a clutch the oval style with the structured top is really edgy. I'm not a fan of the flat, plain, boring 50s style clutches. But this one stole my heart at first glance IRL.