Pictures!!! Verte Gazon Giant Day ...woohoo!

  1. Look what I found in my mailbox :nuts: Nieman Marcus's new catalog and inside.....ta da....:yahoo: The verte gazon giant day! Absolutely Georgous color. Very similar to the apple green with more depth of color. :love:
  2. :heart: pretty! goes to show that u really can't tell from just looking at the swatches posted online! too dark in the swatch pics! can't wait to see all the new colors IRL!!!
  3. I love that color!

    I may have to rethink this new hardware.
  4. it looks amazing!!! how much does it say it is...its not legible to see what is says about it
  5. Thanks for posting lenabean! ..Color in pic looks very different from swatches. I was skeptical at first on the new colors but now I'm excited!
  6. Thank you! I have to check my mailbox to see if I got the catalog. I like it!
  7. OMG! I am such a sucka for green!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing this!!!!!
  8. Wow that is a big green bag. The color looks so different than the swatch. Now I am really curious as to what the other colors are going to look like.
  9. wow that's so green, looks different from the swatches!
  10. I like the color but I do not dig the new style. I need tassles!
  11. :yahoo: I adore green!!!! :yahoo:

    Thanks for the pic Lenabeana!!!
  12. GORGEOUSSS!!!!
    that studs REALLY grow on me :drool:
  13. Yes, very different than the swatches....kind of like picking out paint based on a teeny little example square of color.

    Sorry the text didn't come out. It says it's called the Giant Arena Day and will be available in green, brown, black, or white. price is 1245
  14. OMGGGGG!!!!!! That is DEFINITELY the color I'm going for in the Giant! I didn't think I was wowed by any of the colors... but, WOW! Thanks so much for posting!
  15. I'm not a big fan of the giant hardware. The studs look like nipples to me!