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The Styles that you like

  1. No1

  2. No2

  3. No3

  4. No4

  5. No5

  6. No6

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  1. Hello
    can you tell me quick the Style of the picture that you like as a collection pic :thinking: merci










  2. i like No4 but the lighting doesn't really bring out the detail on a dark color
  3. I like N°3!
  4. I prefer No.3 Dani!
  5. Oh...a collection by Dani...I can hardly wait!! :party: If it's anything like your individual reveals, then it will be both entertaining and full of fabulous CLs. :faint:

    That said, I like shot #4 the best and then #3 as a runner up.

    Let the show begin.... :popcorn:
  6. No6






  7. Darker Styles would look like this in the kitchen cabinett Lightbox :P




  8. I like #4 the best. It is the most romantic and shoes are all about romance for me. :tender:
  9. I prefer #3 with #5 as a close second.
  10. 3 or 9!
  11. Number 4. I like the subtle lighting.
  12. 3 or 5 my dear Dani :heart:

  13. I vote #4! I like the lighting in the background.
  14. #14 Oct 16, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2010
    Best is No5 , then No3. No1 would be very nice too if you can bring the background out of focus by using a shallow depth of field. The other lightboxes are not complementing the shoes as they do not look like a natural environment.
    I don't know if you like the dark shadows (as on No3) or not.
    Sometimes shadows are used on purpose, to make heels look bigger, fiercer. If you don't like the shadows the best you can hope to do is reduce the amount of shadow by diffusing the light sources on all sides and using an off-camera light source. You may also be able to bounce the light off the ceiling for example (however not with a built in camera flash). If the camera is not a Point and Shoot type, you might also be able to reduce the contribution from the flash, just by using it as a fill and dial down flash compensation to -3EV while using the room light as the primary source.

    Are we about to get more Dani reveals?

    Looking again at the pic I see that you did use an external source of 3 lights. You can try directing them in ways (if you can) that reduce or cancels the shadows and move them so they are out of the picture frame.
  15. my vote #3