Pictures sell!

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  1. Oh, dear - I found this pic on a local site, lol! Clearly, some sellers have a lot to learn re. how to present an item.... :shocked:

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  2. :faint:

    Hysterical. Love the food jammed in the plug.
  3. OMG! That has to be a joke - the dirty sink is unbelievable.
    I'm not saying my sink is never dirty but I can't believe the marketing here!!!
  4. eeeewwww! haha!
  5. Awful.

    That pic would bring LovinMyMulberry out in a rash!! Mind you, shots by a toilet would probably upset her more, lol......
  6. lol, never saw worse marketing !
  7. Yeah, I remember the Annie....
  8. Wow... who on earth would think of photographing a bag by a dirty sink? And expecting people to want to buy the bag from them? Urgh...

    I wasn't around for the Annie, but she certainly is famous around here it seems!
  9. How strange! :yucky:
  10. OMG Dh has been photographing our sink instead of cleaning it!
  11. ^ :lol:
  12. I too thought instantly of toilet Annie. Some people are beyond belief.
  13. ha ha!! Maybe she is selling so she can afford a maid? :nuts:
  14. She certainly needs one!
  15. That is sooooo funny.....Dread to think what a toilet shot would look like...!