Pictures Please

  1. If anybody has either the Damier Geant Couguar or the Sac Plat in any collection, could you please post some pictures, it would be GREATLY appreciated!
  2. ANyone?
  3. Oh my! I have a Sac Plat! I will try to take her picture tonight. So funny, I carry that bag everyday and forgot to include her in my group picture. I hope she didn't realize! I should mention my Sac Plat is 22 years old and is mono.
  4. ^ ooh cant wait to see! Im loving the sac plat!
  5. Oh great! Could you please include the interior?
  6. I have a cerises sac plat, will post pics tonight.
  7. showcase thread in reference library, I jsut remembered. If your thinking about either of the 2 to buy, def. go for the cougar! I was playing with it @ the LV party I just went to and it is AMAZING! I almost bought it but I said NO BAGS when I walked in the store lol. its much more roomier than a Sac Plat but has the same style ;)
  8. i also think the sac plat is a bit feminine but i'd still like to see it... btw thanks mattd7474
  9. I don't have either bag. Sac Plat to me looks unisex. imho.
  10. Cougar definitely looks unisex, too.
  11. I have a sac plat cerises. I think the sac plat is definitely more feminine to me than the cougar. I love the DG bags.
  12. i would really love some interior pics!