Pictures Papillon 30

  1. hi everybody!! I need your help, girls. Saturday I'm going to the nearest LV shop (100 km), I would like to buy the papillon 30. I'd like to use it as a shoulder bag, I already have so many handbags!!! Could someone post pictures wearing this bag on her shoulder? I'm a little aware of not being able to decide when I'll be in the shop, I won't have a lot of time. Thanx for your help!!
  2. thanx a lot!!!:flowers: I've seen them. The problem is I can't understand if this bag is also a shoulder bag, I've red different opinions, most of them telling it isn't. What do u think?
  3. It can be a shoulder bag but sometime I feel that I squeeze it little bit under the armpit. The straps are long enough for a shoulder bag.
  4. It is a shoulder my pic again:yes: My arms are not too thick, so my soufflots and Papillon fit fine.

  5. ^ Looks great with your pap30 Bags4me
  6. Good luck with your purchase. Bags4Me: the bag looks great with your outfit.
  7. Thanks you and bagsnbags, this bag can give a lift to any outfit.
  8. I'm 5'7" and weigh about 155 pounds (made my lifetime membership today at Weight Watchers, so I am quite proud of that, LOL) and when my Mom had this bag, I could barely fit this on my shoulder. So it really depends on your size.).

  9. Yeah..I guess it depends on the size of your arms. I can put my speedy handle over my shoulder when I need free hand.
  10. the pap 30 can fit my shoulder. love it.
  11. ;) thanks everybody!!! I'm italian, I can't understand well your measures, I'm 1,60 mt tall and 59 kg weight, you think it could fit to me? You are all soooo kind :love:
  12. I personally dont think the papilllon or bedford should ever be should bags because the design of the bag was meant to be (round with wings) if you squish it under your arms the magic of the butterfly is gone!
    Anyways its a super cute bag but I just thought I should let you know how I feel about the pap as a shoulder bag :smile:
  13. I´m sure it will look cute on you!
  14. thanx everybody!!! I bought a monogram papillon 30 saturday:yahoo: . It's wonderfull!!! I think I'll use it almost everyday, it's perfect both as shoulder bag and as handbag, thanx a lot for all your usefull advices :flowers: