Pictures of your TOKIDOKI collection: Part 5

  1. Time for another thread!! I encourage everyone to post an updated collection photo so that people don't have to rummage through parts 1 - 4 of this thread. :tup:
  2. eeek I'm gonna post a photo of all the bags I've received at school once I get them all~~ :p I still have my lovalicious Inferno BV (from Maya!!) and a Paradiso Corriere on the way~~ :biggrin:
  3. I'll get my small collection up later. I got a Pirata BV from a friend for my birthday today =)
  4. My teeny tiny collection...
    IMG_2500.JPG IMG_2502_2.JPG IMG_3326.JPG baby Bag and parent bag.JPG
  5. Happy Birthday!:woohoo:


    well here is my collection, sorry the pictures isn't to clear...

    missing TAN PG Caramella, Pirata Denaro, Tutti Dolce & Citta Rosa Bella, will take better pictures when all the family is re-united:dothewave:

    also, got this for my birthday PANDA BUCKET TOTE
    not sure if i like it...thinking of selling it:nogood::yes::confused1:
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to USArmyWife!
    Great collections rileygirl and DJR0658!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY USArmyWife!
    love the variety :smile:
  8. it's always easier for me to take pics of my vinyl toys rather than my baggies... bag picture coming soon hopefully tho *crosses fingers*
  9. yay i got a panda cosmetics thing today.
  10. Happy b-day, USArmyWife! :smile:
  11. -deleted-
  12. [​IMG]

    I sold the Foresta BV in the 1st pic and gotten the following: :tup:

    not in pic is the pretty OP BB Maya got for me ~ :graucho: thanks again
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY USArmyWife!! Hooray for September babies!! :biggrin:

    tehlilone - I love your tokidoki vinyl collection!! :nuts: Your Saharas and trexis are to die for!! And that poster is gorgeous! Where is it from? It looks great framed! I need to frame my garden poster sometime.. soon.. in the future.. haha

    birki - I always :drool: when I see your forestas and playground!! One day, I'll have my own foresta zucca and BV! haha And that playground BV.. :drool: soo big!! :nuts:
  14. birki-omg i love your foresta EVERYTHING and you Tan PG MM/BV (?)!
  15. You're welcome!! Man, I've long forgotten how many people (and who) I've CP'd the OP bella bella for... *lol*