Pictures of your TOKIDOKI collection: Part 4

  1. Time for a new thread since we went past 500 again...!! :wtf:
  2. you kno i haven't posted a pic of my collection since the 1st or 2nd one (but I think I mightve skipped out on the 2nd part also :blink:smile:... lol
  3. Hey, I am ALL FOR reposting photos of collections!! Hehe.
  4. I need to take a new one lolz...guess I will wait for my other bag before I do it ;)
  5. i have'nt taken any recent pictures either, but will def. be posting soon.
  6. Jessaka, what did u get that was worthy of breaking your ban?!?! pics pics!!
    tehlilone, you should re-post pics... i love seeing everyone's collections again and again :smile:

    i'll post with my newer bags once my campeggio arrives (hopefully soon!)
  7. ^LOL, it's not here yet...but an Adios Star Zucca :biggrin: My bf kinda said I could as long as I get my car money & made over $800 my last two checks...all of which I accomplished so I could get my bags lmfao.
  8. Wow, Jess! You got your AS Zucca!! :yahoo:

    Anyway, here are some pics of my new Tutti Ciao. :love: I'm really curious to see how this style will work out for me, so I'm excited to use it. I'm really liking this print more than I thought I would!!
    Tokis 037 (Large).jpg Tokis 035 (Large).jpg Tokis 036 (Large).jpg
  9. here's my latest buy from Ala Moana LS. My new Pirata MM:yahoo:. Less 30%. I paid $109, instead of $157. The SA was so nice, she let me pick my MM before all the pirata was packed away and sent to Waikele.

  10. twingirls - nice Ciao! I am really loving the Tutti Ciao!:tup:

    djr0658 - Lovely Mamma Mia! No headless pirate ladies! Yeah!:woohoo:
  11. thanks...:roflmfao: that's what i was going for. I made sure everyone had there heads on. :tup:
  12. djr0658: i love your MM! it looks so complete... it's beautiful, congrats! and you've got ALL 5 adult ladies complete on one side... wow, i like that. great deal too :tup:
  13. twingirls - adorable ciao! I am loving that style more and more, and it's so cute in Tutti!

    djr - gorgeous MM! I've never seen a Pirata MM, it's really pretty.

    And Jessaka, congrats on your AS Zucca!! Is it your first Zucca? You will love it...

    I'll post a new "family pic" when my Inferno Bambinone gets here...hopefully later today!!

  14. Me too! Everyones collections are great!

    Congrats on the new additions ladies. I kinda want an MM and a ciao now.
  15. my collection..just missing a few missing.