Pictures of your TOKIDOKI collection: Part 3

  1. I just got my olive Camo bella bella at work today from SH! Whoo-hoo!! I looooooooooove it and the olive color is beautiful!! I also received my black OP denaro yesterday from e-bay!!
  2. congrats on your new goodies!!
  3. OOOh!! Nice Bella Bella's Maya! Now I can't wait to get my olive camo, too! Thanks to you I was able to get one in the nick of time!
  4. Congrats on the bags maya..they are all very pretty !
  5. I am starting to like Camo Olive a lot now. Your Bella Bella is AWESOME!!! Congrats!
  6. Thanks! I really love it!! Can't really go wrong with "print placement" for the camo... I'm just glad I got a lot of blue birds on the front!!

    Now I just need... a DENARO to match! *lol* Argh!!
  7. :huh:o cant wait for mine to come in too :biggrin: congrats!
  8. congratz on ur new stuff! and good luck on ur denaro hunt too!
  9. Maya - Congrats on your olive camo bella bella!! :biggrin: Have you been using your OP bella bella lately?? I used mine about 3 times and its amazingly roomy :biggrin: Haha but I think I need a liner on the bottom like the ones you put in your bags. What's it made out of? Hope you find your matching denaro! Good luck with that~
  10. Um, I've used it twice so far. Once two weekends ago and once this past weekend. *lol* To me, they're just the right size to hold all my stuff with no room left. *lol* Seriously.

    How come you need a liner? It droops? I bought plastic clipboards at the Pearl City Daiei quite a while back, in the dollar section. It's a thick semi-flexible plastic. It was kinda hard to cut but I feel was worth it to put in my gioco and BV's. I don't know how good a plastic liner would be for a bag that curves at the bottom, though.
  11. Maya! Cute camo olive bella bella! can't wait for mines!

    i ordered mines last week tuesday and i didnt get it yet:sad:...
  12. No room left?! lol what do you put in there? :shocked: I carry my denaro, keys, angioletto w/camera, lip gloss, cell phone... band aids.. toiletries.. Tide pen.. gum.. thats about it :shrugs:

    I guess my camera makes it droop.. cuz its the heaviest thing in there.. :sad:
    What did you use to cut the clipboard? :shocked: I have a feeling I might hurt myself :lol:
  13. Well, I put my cell phone in the front zip pocket. I put my denaro on the inside small zip pocket. Then I have two LeSportsac black multi-zipper cosmetic cases FULL of stuff. I find them extremely convenient because when I switch out bags, I just take the denaro and two cosmetic cases out, much like others do with the caramella. The one with three zippers has a Tide pen in the lowest zipper, bandaids/antibiotic ointment/extra contacts/Dayquil gelcaps/Oral-B brush ups in the middle zipper, and my make-up in the top zipper. The one with two zippers has gum/breath minths/Sanrio notebook/small Sanrio pen/CPR masks in the lower zipper and tons of GC's/small tube of lotion/tampons/theraband in the upper zipper. All those things put together, and my keys, make my bella bella FULL. I guess I could fit my digital camera in there...

    I cut the plastic by first outlining the straight lines where I'm gonna cut. Then I made an indented outline with a box cutter razor. Then cut it with scissors. The indented line helps your scissors stay on course. It sounds humbug but it's worth it to me because I can use it for my tokidoki and any other bag I may come across that tends to be droopy.
  14. congrats maya!!! beautiful camo olive bella bella!!
  15. holy cow maya you can fit all that there?? you should take a pic and post it on that old thread I made about whats in your bag! lol :biggrin: