Pictures of your TOKIDOKI collection: Part 2

  1. Hi everyone! This is the new thread for photos of our tokidoki collections! As I wrote in the other thread, it was just getting too long so we will be posting in this one (until this one gets too long too). Please try to keep this thread limited to pictures and comments about your collections and try to keep from straying because I think that is one of the reasons the thread got so long. We can always start new threads for our stray thoughts. :yes:

    Thanks all!!
  2. I took an updated photo of everything I have... I didn't know how to arrange it to look "nice" so I said f*ck it and here it is. Haha. I'll post individual front-and-backs after I resize them.
  3. Your collection is beautiful Maya!
  4. Maya your collection -- It's Mt. Toki!!!

    I'll just post my most recent toki collection pic; updated with all my minions so far; missing 2. Some of you may have already seen this, but just postint it for the new thread...

  5. Thanks, LatteGrl! As you can see, the Spiaggia zucca is the queen of the hill! *lol*
    forestabellafront.jpg forestabellaback.jpg forestabvfront.jpg forestabvback.jpg
  6. More...
    infernobvfront.jpg infernobvback.jpg infernomammamiafront.jpg infernomammamiaback.jpg
  7. Cute Forestas, Maya. Oh gosh, you're kinda making me like that tiger & the monkey..gosh, I thought I was going to give my wallet a rest :sad:
  8. And more...
    paradisogiocofront.jpg paradisogiocoback.jpg paradisobvfront.jpg paradisobvback.jpg
  9. And lastly, my favorite... Yes, I don't mind having favorites with my bags! *lol*
    spiaggiazuccadenarofront.jpg spiaggiazuccadenaroback.jpg
  10. Maya, you have the most perfect denaro, i hate you. jk :biggrin: it's ok will have your pony. lolz.
  11. Thanks, Jess! I definitely love my Spiaggia zucca and denaro. And you HAVE your happy unicorn already!!
  12. Maya - You're the one that makes me want to get matching denaros for my bags! LOL But if I do that, that means I have to get Original, Playground, Foresta, Paradiso, Inferno, Adios Star, L'amore, and Spiaggia :sad: Ahhhhh I should put this on the "Regrets" thread.. maybe..nah..

    Beautiful collections! I'll take pics once I get all my stuff organized.. or maybe when my Inferno Ciao comes in..
  13. Hmm ok I will also have to retake pics of my collection.

    I just bought a spiaggia ciao ciao on saturday cuz I had the 20% coupon for Macy's :biggrin: It's my first ciao ciao ever and I don't know how I'm going to use it or if I'll like it but I just loved how I have the whole print now! I even had my mom help me pick out the best print placement .. lol

    Maya - I love how you have a denaro to match every bag!! I don't have a single denaro ... but now I wish I had matching ones too!
  14. Dana: Hahaha. Thanks! I'm a nut, having to have matching things... Can you imagine if I liked more prints than what I have? It'd be insane and devastating on my bank account!

    TokidokiAngel:Thanks! I'm definitely a happy camper.

    But taking out everything and photographing it, I'm wondering if I should sell some of my stuff to make room for the new... I think I'm gonna start a thread to ask opinions. *lol*
  15. me too! *sigh* too bad i'll probably never find a tan playground denaro... (i did almost buy perfect matching inferno & paradiso denaros in virgin that one day, then i wised up and said, um DUH! THE OUTLETS HAVE THESE CHEAPER! haha) The only matching denaro I wouldn't get would probably be the adios star.. I think it would make me too dizzy, and I'd probably wind up with all stars - I have the plain black one to go with it.

    maybe i'll just settle for the spiaggia denaro to match - with my crabby friends on one side & the unicorn on the other, now THAT would be a perfect print :yahoo: Time to call up Casey! lol!