Pictures of Your Pets

  1. I did the search and I don't think we have a thread for this yet. I know that many PF-ers have pets. I think it'd be great if you can all post picture so your pets here. Come on, share!! I love pet pictures!:yahoo:
  2. you can see my french bulldog in my avatar. his name is Ramsey. he is almost 2. i love him sooooo much:love: . he is a great companion. he snores just as loud as DH:lol:
  3. Awwww ... he's so cute!!!:flowers: Where did you get him? I'm not very familiar with French Bulldogs, what are their temperament like?
  4. they have really good temperament.they train very quickly. too smart, i think. they are perfect apartment dogs. do not bark alot. the only thing is that they are prone to heat strokes. and its a shame for him because he loves the outdoors sooo much. they can be quite costly though.
    he was a christmas tree puppy for the children. DH surprised us all.
  5. i know there is a website were you can looks up each breed and it gives you alot of information. it was posted on a previous thread.
  6. This is Francheska and my son doing the tug o war thing with his stinky socks! :Push:
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