Pictures of your OUTDOOR Ligne!

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    Please post any photos you have of your Outdoor Ligne in here, include any informative information as well such as price, color, sizes. . .
  2. Messenger Bag Lt Bordeaux

    06A A33042 Y04271
    15" across
    CIMG0927s.jpg CIMG0904s.jpg CIMG0909s.jpg CIMG0910s.jpg CIMG0928s.jpg CIMG0905s.jpg RedFBs.jpg
  3. Petit Shopper
    (aka Outdoor Tote)
    Brown - Distressed Caviar
    A33165 Y0427
    10"L x 6"H x4"W (front to back)


  4. Classic Flap
    06A A33041Y04271
    Black (also gorgeous in brown!)
    12"w x 7"h x 3"d
    one inner zip pocket
    HPIM0563b.jpg HPIM0613.JPG
  5. Dark Brown Doctor Bag:

    Outdoor Doctor bag.jpg Outdoor Doctor 2.jpg
  6. This is the Brown Outdoor Ligne Flap..
  7. Small Brown Outdoor Ligne Doctor Bag - Retails $1795

  8. [​IMG]

    the bag is empty/unstuffed in this pic
  9. My black hobo from Chanel Madison Avenue....
  10. here's my blk outdoor everything about it! except the strap is fraying already, very upset at my SA :tdown:, but still love the bag
    bought it for $1595
    chane outdoor flap 003.jpg chane outdoor flap 001.jpg chane outdoor flap 002.jpg
  11. Outdoor tote in dark brown:

  12. Chanel Outdoor Ligne Hobo/Messenger $1595?


    I'm 5'0 & the bag is stuffed with barely anything.
  13. Outdoor Ligne Tote. Like Roey's but in red:



  14. Here's my blue Outdoor Ligne Hobo:



    And to get an idea of the size, here it is next to my large MC tote:
  15. My navy blue outdoor hobo. This is the larger size
    DSC01603.jpg DSC01604.jpg DSC01606.jpg DSC01607.jpg DSC01609.jpg