Pictures of your LV jewelry

  1. What jewelry does LV sell? I've never seen any in stores (maybe because I wasn't interested in it before?). If you have pics, please post! Also, if you don't mind sharing, how much did you pay?

    Thank you!
  2. There is tons of jewelry, go on It's got everything from the lucite inclusion, starts around 200usd. to DIAMONDS!!!! There are some already existing inclusion threads with lots of pics.
  3. I have the Vegas bracelet (have yet to use it though):

  4. I have a piece of costume jewelry, the geometric v pendant, it was $315 now $330, I want to get a ring from the fine jewelry collection, we shall see wat comes about!
  5. I have the Yellow Inclusion PM bangle (just ignore my other stuff in that pic lol) and the Sweet Monogram earrings:
  6. nothing serious like gold and diamonds but here's what i've got:

    tiger's eye ring (autumn '05):

    silver coral and wood charm necklace (summer '06)

    would these count? bear & turtle brooches (spring '05)

    i'd love to own that white gold & diamonds Aeroplane charm one day :love:
  7. I love the brooches :heart: ! I was on the waitlist for those, think I was 4th in line and they said the Melbourne store only received a limited number of pieces so I missed out. You are so lucky to get a set :yes:
  8. well i've been pestering them for these brooches as soon as i saw pics from the men's runway show :P i wish i have the red mono and damier bears set too.
  9. Hii

    This is His angel LV's ring:flowers: im not sure about its name, someone helps me plz:shame:
  10. Everyone's pieces are GORGEOUS!!!:love: I have yet to own one.:sad:
  11. lvbabydoll those brooches are so cute! :biggrin:
  12. I think you mean deluxeduck :smile:
    And I know..they're so cute! I saw them once in the store and that was it. Should have bought them then lol.
  13. Here's my gold/diamond LV ID necklace.
    necklace4 (2).jpg necklace5 (2).jpg necklace1 (4).jpg
  14. Kathy I looooove your ID necklace!!! Where is TX do you live?
  15. I just picked up my koala MC bracelet today...and I also bought the beige inclusion GM bracelet and ring. They are my first pieces of LV jewelry, I love them!