Pictures of Your Koobas

  1. ^ I love the fushia colored bag you have here! Delicious!!
  2. Ok, so I have been stalking a bit and it's finally time for me to post my 1 bag and say hi! I have really enjoyed looking at all the Koobas!! Your bags rock!

    My humble Kooba collection is a Paige in Raisin, got it for the color, and now am head over heels for the leather, ease of using the bag (pockets galore), and it's a workhorse!! And here she is:

    paige 1.jpg paige 2.jpg view1.jpg wearingbag.jpg
  3. OMG I just LOVE that bag!!!!!! I love the leather and the color and everything about it. May I have it please? :p
  4. I have the Jessie in Raisin. Isn't it the coolest color? It is just unique enough and not really purple to make it a really different bag color.
    Welcome Kittybag. If you hang out here much, that Paige will have a roomate.
  5. Awww Grace, you are too sweet! But you better take a few steps back away from the bag! :roflmfao:
  6. The color is really what did it for me!! :graucho: oh ya!! I even recently bought a Maroon (purplish) MJ bag and was worried that I bought 2 purple bags, but they are so different I can justify having them both!! I am really eye balling green bags at the moment. Wish I could find a nice green Kooba to fill that need!!;)
  7. I have a Jessie in raisin too and love, love that color, just tinged in purple.

    Welcome Kitty.
  8. Grace, they look great!:yahoo: Especially love the colour of the Sloane (is that the Honey?) and the Carla and then you've got the Nina to come, want pictures of her too!:yes:
  9. Hi Shay. That's a nice looking bag you got. It's a Kooba Lena in Honey. I never thought I'd like the Honey color but it is nice and rich...not orange-y at all.
  10. Shay, love that Honey colour, what do you think of the Lena?
  11. I love the Lena ::yes:

    its so much fun to carry around and I get so many compliments on it :yahoo:
  12. ok alrready posted these in the thing about the SS but i wanted to add them to the pics of your koobas too

    soo here is my newest addition to my kooba family! :smile:

    please excuse the giant flab arm haha :smile: I was too hot to put on long sleeves for the picture! :smile:

    and heres a pic with flash that shows the details but the color is way off, the pic above is the real color
  13. OMG it's a giant tarantula! And it's on Bessie's arm! LOL

    Great bag, Bessie ;)
  14. Bessie,

    Thanks for posting all these pictures of your bags.

    I have a favor to ask. Would it be possible to take a picture of the Paige & Elisha side by side for a size comparison? They have the same overall shape (to me), just different details. Thank you.