Pictures of Your Koobas

  1. Oh ladysales, what a great collection, so many different styles! Better tuck them away again before DH sees them, LOL
  2. what a lovely collection :smile:
  3. I know there are more Koobas out there...

    C'mon ladies! Show your stuff!
  4. I love your collection seem to have a kooba for every occasion with a good assortment of colours too!:yes:
  5. I'm going to take pictures in a couple days when all the Koobas arrive, but the Audrey has landed today and I must share pictures of her. I have to say, I'm in love with this leather and I have to find a larger bag in this leather too. Sienna, maybe?

    edited to add that I used Lexie's trick of having hubby do the modeling. He was so happy. *S*
    Audrey1.jpg Audrey2.jpg Audrey3.jpg
  6. That is gorgeous, Grace!
  7. ^What a cutie! I love the Audrey!
  8. Grace - There's Audrey! LOL!

    Very nice pics. That leather looks beautiful. Congrats! Very nice choice!

    Tell your hubs he has a second career waiting for him. :smile:
  9. I love that clutch and the leather......* still my heart.
  10. My one and only. All I know is that it is gold and it is a Kooba and that I love it. I don't know the year it came out, nor do I know the style name. Can anyone help me out with those?


    I've been eyeing up other styles, but I was sidetracked and recently bought two Bulgas instead! But I'm back on the Kooba hunt now!
  11. That's the one that Bluefly always called the Devin. But we questioned if that was correct when Kooba brought out a Devin this Spring. Cute Cute bag! No idea on the year. Sorry.

    Grace, your Bourbon Audrey is darling. That heavy pebbles look great on that clutch. Just beware that the heavy pebbling on a bigger bag can add to it being stiffer.

    Here is my new Cognac Sienna. I was so happy to get it as Authentic Smooth Siennas are a rarity these days. I can't wait to break this bag in .

  12. O MAN LEXIE!! that new bag is AMAZING it looks like butter :smile: YUM!
  13. That Cognac Sienna is lovely, isn't is Lexie, think it's an all year bag!
  14. Soft as butter, Lexie...nice call.
  15. Thanks for the tip, Lexie, on the leather and thanks for nice comments, everyone. I'm afraid I'm a goner on this leather though..:heart:

    Here are the girls to date, we're missing Nina but soon she'll be here too.

    Parker Patent, Sloane, Carla, Alex and Audrey in the middle. I need to find a better place to showcase, but you get the idea.