Pictures of Your Koobas

  1. Come on people!!!!!
    Post your bags!!! I wanna see I wanna see I wanna see!
  2. Here goes... KoobaLover's one and only lonely Kooba. I could seriously buy 6 bags in this color and never get sick of it. Love it! I believe this Sienna is from 2005, but I'm not sure as I am the second owner.



  3. Yes Cheekers, see you over there in Balenciagaland! Next time you're in the neighborhood please let me know...we'll do lunch! My parents are divorced, so I spend the week in Kooba Kingdom and the weekends in Balenciagaland. :biggrin:
  4. Oh, I love:heart: that Olive Sienna! Koobalover, that is something to hang on to, think I'm gonna hunt for more Siennas..(these pics are so bad for me)
  5. I love the look of this leather... What a fabulous restoration job!
  6. My Ivory Lucy is gone, but her memory remains... Here she lies...


  7. Wordbox, how is that suede on your Ginger holding up?, did you prepare it with anything? I absolutely love suede, especially tan colour, just so hard to look after...

    Lexie, look at that collection! Unreal (considering you've got rid of quite a few)!

    I'm really enjoying seeing these bags, Thanks!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  8. Alright, Lexie, keep your hair on, here they are!

    Sienna in Ivory


    Lena in Black


    and Sienna in Cognac


  9. Koobalover! That Olive bag is AWESOME!!! What a neat color. Looks so soft. I Love it! A bag that just goes with everything. Your pics show such a better view that the pic did. These websites and their inferior photography just kills me. Are they TRYING to sell bags??

    Maggie...what a nice Trio!!! I'm scared to death of the Ivory bag but your Cognac is great and it makes me excited to get mine. Looks like a professional photo on that coffee table. Is that your normal display?? LOL Instead of a candy dish and a remote, you lay out your bags? :smile:
  10. ^^^
    LOL, hard to find a good place to take pics, need some peace and tranquillity when I do this, you know, without nosy kids (who are on school holiday at the moment) and my big dog wanting to sniff the leather..

    Did you order that black Sienna, Rosen?:drool:
  11. ok well i had 3, now 2 and soon 1 :smile:

    I had the ada and loved it but it was HUGE and weighed about 20 lbs empty and for someone whos had back surgery that is NOT what the doctor ordered SO she was sold

    now im down to the Carla in gold which i think after ALLL the dread about not being able to get her at the last sample sale,,, i just dont use her :sad:
    i think shes TOOO flashy for me soo to eBay land she goes :sad:

    And finally my kooba love affair began and continues with my Ginger in chestnut i just LOVE the color its so rich the leather is so soft, shes just perfect in every way haha :smile:

    I would love a black Nicole, im scared of the leather but in black maybe it would be ok,,, i dunno cant decide

    so here are the pics of the 2 that remain

    and a pic in different lighting cause that 1st one makes the braid look TOTALLY different then the bag and it really isnt

    and i would like all to note what is open in the background of the gold carla :smile: hehe
  12. Slush, that Chestnut looks so lovely and rich, I'm looking at a Carla on eBay, but I've just been out and blown $700 on chunky knits, so I don't freeze my backside off when winter comes in a few weeks...Maybe a new bag has to wait a bit...:sad:

    So you're not into that Gold one, not even for summer evenings..? Well, if you know you're not going to use it, you might as well use the funds for something you can't live without!

    Thanks for posting, Slush, love all these different bags!
  13. Bess, you still have the red Elisha don't you? That means you have 2 left, right? I wouldn't cry over the Carla in Gold. It's too Glam for me but the Chestnut is warm and rich and very pretty.
  14. ^O MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how in the WORLD DID I FORGET HER
    :noggin: :noggin: :shame: :shame: :shame:
  15. shes just SO new to me i havent gotten to use her
    AND I was anticipating her for months so now i finally have her i forgot BAD BAD BESSIE

    OK here she is haha :smile: i do have 2 remaining THANKS LEXIE!!! :smile: