Pictures of your kids online - how do you feel?

  1. I notice that many people on forums (not just this one) have pictures of their children with their face showing, but when it comes to the parent showing the face is blurred/blacked out.

    I'm not a parent, but I couldn't see putting this kids pics on the internet. As a parent, do you feel safe putting your children's face online as opposed to putting your own?
  2. On myspace, I have pics of me and my DH, but not of my children. I am too paranoid to do that. But, to each his own.
  3. I do not have kids, but this is one of my hotbutton issues. I confess that I am an internet security/privacy extremist, but there are some very good reasons for that.

    I have no way of knowing whether the person looking at anything on the internet, the purse forum, your child, or the google home page is a nice friendly person we would all enjoy talking to, or a very sick individual who might do us, us including your kid, harm.

    Espeialy when I see people with nicknames and email addresses like kimparkintownville or a variant, and there she is with her kid, or there is her kid - you know what? I'm not even going to start, it's too early in the morning.

    Putting your kid's picture on the internet is not a good choice. There are many bad people in the world, and they are sneakier than you or I can even imagine.

    Save the family pics for the family photo album - the paper one, that stays on the bookshelf, and have your kid pick an avatar of a favorite animal or cartoon character, and for a nickname, a word he makes up all by himself. He will have the coolest.internet.persona. ever and be safe, too!
  4. :yes: :yes: ITA
  5. I don't really see an issue with it. I'll show my face and I'll show my son's face too. He's not really on the net (aside from Runescape), so I guess I'm missing how showing his face could be bad. I'm assuming someone could see him and maybe track me down to get to him??
  6. Yes, they could. And with much less effort than you might think. I see your nickname is Charles. If that is also your real life first name, and you happen to have any email addresses that hint at your last name, and I can social engineer or google you into revealing to me the town you live in, or, depending on my computer skills versus your internet security measures, obtain that information programmatically, at some point, I can get Charles Chang in Chicago. There will be dozens, if not hundreds of those, but they will not all be interested in purses, or model spaceships, or fantasy La Crosse, and there are all kinds of techniques I can use to figure out which Charles Chang I want.

    For obvious reasons, I do not want to list all the various ways and means and steps that a troubled individual might take in order to put themselves in a position to harm you or your family, I think that you can pretty much figure all that out for yourself if you just give it a bit of thought.

    And once you do, I am confident that you will remove any photographs of yourself and your loved ones from the internet posthaste.
  7. I agree w/ Shimma, I don't ever post pics of my little one or myself.

  8. Very good post and great info. I've got a friend that works at missing and exploited childrens center in VA and he was telling me that is the way creeps go looking for and find people. They take the little things and expand off that.
  9. Same here, this is a real hot button for my DH. He is not a big internet fan, my compromise and promise to pictures ever of any of us on the net.

    He feels, and I do agree to a degree, why invite trouble.
  10. I don't have kids, but here is my $.02.
    I grew up with internet and for me it's just as normal to communicate with my friends online as I do in real-life. All my life, I've heard about the internet safety things like never tell people about you, your name etc etc, but since I've pretty much always interacted with people I already knew, I became really sloppy about it in time, and although I'd never give out my phone number or adress to somebody I didn't know, I wasn't as sensible as I used to.
    I didn't mind uploading pics of myself or my cat on the net and show them to people and most of my friends had pics, which was totally fine until recently when some brats had decided to make a really nasty hate page about me full of slander with pics of me, my cat, my friends and where they also delivered my full name and other details - true and not true. Mind you, this was my former real-life friends, but still, the fact that those pics were available on the net for them made it really easy for them to make that page. The pictures aren't emberassing in the Paris Hilton kind of style, but still, it is *very* uncomfortable to have unflattering pics of me and random pictures of my cat and my friends on a webpage along with my full name etc etc. So I've definately learned my lession and although it is up to my friends if they want to upload pics of themselves or not onto the internet, it was me who uploaded the pics of my cat without her being able to have an opinion, and although I did it in good faith, it has now come back to haunt me and to be a pain in the a**.
    That said, I still upload pictures on the net, but I try to password protect the pages that I upload so that I can at least have some control over who is looking and I don't upload pics or other info about my cat or family at all. I've also become a lot more careful on my own behalf.
  11. AW, I am sorry you had to go through that...hugs
  12. After an experience with my exboyfriend I'm very reluctant to even have my picture taken. Let's just say I was young, in love and wasn't thinking straight. Needless to say, very private pictures ended up on the internet after a huge blowout with this particular exboyfriend. ...They're still out there, and they're not very hard to find either. Anyway...I don't do "those" types of things anymore, mainly because I don't want to get screwed over in the end.

    I don't really mind normal pictures of myself being posted on the internet. My picture isn't taken very often anyway...The only place where I have posted my pictures is on tPF, Myspace (which is private) and my livejournal (which is also private)...So I try and control who sees my pictures as much as possible.

    Bart and I have decided that we will only be posting select pictures of our baby in certain places. I will certainly attach a picture of my baby to the pregnancy thread when she is born and will post a picture on my myspace and livejournal, but I would never send them to people who I didn't know / trust.

    An ex of mine made a whole webpage for his nephew after he was born...There were hundreds of pictures on there and based on the information that was provided on the website, I would guess it would be pretty easy to find where the ex lived and where the baby lived...Hm...

    Just my opinion :smile: Sorry if I was a bit scattery, not thinking clearly right now, lol :smile:
  13. I would not post them anywhere. Online photo uploads are kept password-protected so that only select people can view them.
  14. Thanks :smile: And I feel sorry for lamiastella, I guess your thing is worse than mine :sad:
  15. geez. my photos are everywhere.