Pictures of you and your RM in Action... 3!!

  1. thank you! :biggrin:
    the color is absolutely tdf :heart:
  2. Double fisting it! Nice! :smile: I love your MAB!
  3. Ooh! I love how it looks on you. And I love your outfit! Welcome & hope to see you around here more often!
  4. Hot Scoobs, and hot again for you too, Angelwings
  5. Noir leather never gets old. :girlsigh:

    Getting ready for the day

    at Tar-jay...

  6. ^lol gotta love target..i mean..tar-jay :p
  7. me & my concord MAM @ the loft

  8. Knas...LOVE the bag (Noir is the best!), but where did you get your top!
  9. IIOS, I got the top from Macy's. It's INC (Hubby calls it my Star Trek uniform, lmao!)
  10. And maybe that's why I love it so much! :biggrin: I want it...thanks for the info!
  11. WOW!!! I love your MAM, you know I do!;) You look FAB in that outfit.
  12. It's not TARGET. . .OR TAR-JAY. . . IT'S TERGET!!

  13. I love that Noir Nikki, knas!

    music, your Concord MAM looks fab on you.
  14. LOL! Kristin Wiig cracks me up in all of her zany characters!
  15. knas & music you both look fabulous! Love Noir and Concord!!