Pictures of you and your RM in Action... 3!!

  1. Thanks all! Everyone looks amazing :smile: Love the thundergrey MAB, Adore, and the Lust!
  2. :blush: You are too sweet Cheryl! Thank you, you made my year!

    Thanks LR! Living in SW FL most everything I do and every where we go is super casual! It's nice to a degree, but I would like to dress up every now and then and I find those occasions few and far between.

    Thanks so much tgp!:biggrin:

    :nuts: That's awesome! Such a gorgeous bag, you will love the beautiful bubbley leather!! I really want to find a Forest or Mustard Rocco one of these days! Can't wait to see it and hear your thoughts!

    Thank you Disco & Fashion!
  3. me with my light grey mac while touring dc on saturday.
  4. Ladies you are all looking so lovely! :ghi5:
  5. Cute Daisy!!!
  6. AWWWWW I love it! It's perfect!!! I'm so glad it was caught on camera just for you, Knas. I hope the two of you have a long and beautiful marriage.
  7. :hugs: Thanks Disco!
  8. From this weekend, met up with a friend of mine in Tampa to see Chelsea Handler. Sorry about the terrible hotel room lighting!


    For fun, her Mattie & my MAB, they are Thunder Grey Sisters ;):


  9. Love the Thunder Grey scoobies!! You look great, how was Chelsea's show??? She is too funny, I love her!
  10. [​IMG]

    first time posting here, just got my covet satchel the other day, thought i'd wear it today. :biggrin: pls excuse the mess in my room. :p
  11. Love your new Grape Covet angelwings_hk, you look fabulous!!!
  12. angelwings, I'm drooling over your Covet. That is such a gorgeous color. I haven't had my eye on much lately, but this bag has me wanting something new to my RM collection.
  13. Scoobie you look great! And I love Chelsea's sense of humor. Hope you had fun!!

    angelwings, that Covet looks great on you!
  14. Love the pics ladies!
  15. angelwings- That bag is gorgeous!! Looks great on you!