Pictures of you and your RM in Action... 3!!

  1. Heading out to a dinner party Friday night with Thunder Grey MAB.

  2. Super cute julie!
  3. Looking fine ladies!!!

    Thunder Grey looks like the perfect shade of Grey IMO!

    Oops, how tall are you for reference? Just curious how the Lust would look on me...
  4. ^^besabonita, I am 5' 9.5" for reference. The strap is supposed to be worn crossbody which I wasn't on the pic but I usually do and it's fine.
    I had to get a Lust because MACs were NOT working out for me. I had 3 MACs in a row, all with the tearing loops problem. The Lust doesn't have those dang flimsy loops.
    Scoobiesmama, Love your thunder gray MAB! I almost bought that one! I opted for the same seller's wine MAB but both are fabuous!
  5. Oops! That's the first Lust mod shot.. you look fantastic!!

    Fashion, congrats on the Olive MAM. Isn't that leather gorgeous? I wish it had come in the Adore. :sad:

    Scoobie the Thunder Grey looks fantastic with your outfit. I love that name, I think it suits the leather very well. :yes:
  6. Thanks so much ghall!! I spy a Rocco in your that your next purchase???:nuts:

    Thank you besa, opps and Knas! It really is a perfect shade of grey! The leather is gorgeous & thick, but also heavy!
  7. :lol: I just laughed out loud! You look great with your new bag, congrats! I love the size of it. So easy to wear..
  8. Fashion, your Olive bag is TDF! I love that leather so much..

    J- You and your thunder grey MAM look HAWT! Love the whole look. In fact, casual is my favorite type of look. Easy and effortless!
  9. The Lust is CUTE!! I had no idea! Great modeling pic Oopsi!

    That Olive is one of the best colors/leathers IMO. Truly gorgeous Fashion!

    And Julie, you are such a hottie! You look so great!
  10. yes julie! i got the black w/ black studs! can't wait! it will be here Wednesday!
  11. Thank you Knas, Bags, LMMarc, P.Princess and Besa!!!

    Besa don’t stay away from the dance floor for too long—the energy is intoxicating!

    Fashion hot olive glaze—seriously!!!
    Oops! Looking fierce in that dress with an RM for a punk rock flare
    Scoobies—that thunder gray is def hot

    You ladies are looking fab!!!
  12. I'm loving the wedding avatars Knas and Littlerock...sooo romantic and dreamy!!!
  13. This is CUTE!!!

  14. This is gorgeous, J!
  15. Aw thanks Disco. That is my favorite picture so far. It's not good resolution but my hubby is very unemotional and doesn't have a serious bone in his body. I couldn't pay him to look at me like that in real life. So the fact that someone caught him looking at me that way makes me very happy. I'm such a sucker for love. :girlsigh: